May 20, 2024

Ithra and Cinema Society Collaborate to Boost Film Industry in Saudi Arabia

Ithra and Cinema Society Collaborate to Boost Film Industry in Saudi Arabia:

Ithra, which is also known as The King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, recently partnered with the Cinema Society in Dhahran. Their goal is to create programs and initiatives that will support the growth of the film industry in Saudi Arabia. They also aim to assist local professionals in enhancing their skills and abilities. During the 9th edition of the Saudi Film Festival, Abdullah Al-Rashed, Ithra’s director, and Hana Al-Omair, the president of the Cinema Society, signed the partnership arrangement.

Paving The Way For Young Talents In The Saudi Film Industry

Through this collaboration, they hope to create programs that enable up-and-coming people in the local film industry to boost their abilities by learning from experienced professionals. This will also help content creators to create opportunities for enhancing skills.

As stated by Ithra Director Abdullah Al-Rashed, the collaboration between the two organizations is noteworthy due to their crucial roles in the cultural sector. Also, Hana Al-Omair, the President of the Cinema Society, the organization seeks to provide support to the cultural industry and foster the growth of creative and influential film productions. He further added that the Cinema Society is eager to continue its mission of creating a valuable platform for talented individuals and pioneers, which has been its vision since the society’s inception.

The Saudi Film Festival started on May 4 and will end on May 11. It will hold at Ithra and features film screenings and other events. There is also a special program for professionals in the industry.

Public screenings are available with tickets. After the screening, the audience can also participate in conversations with the filmmakers. They can also try out cinematic virtual reality, where movies appear in a completely immersive 360-degree format with specialized visuals and audio that enhance the senses and provide an exciting experience.

At the festival, there is a film production market where industry workers can meet, talk, and make connections. On the schedule are discussions pertaining to different things connected to the film industry in the Kingdom. The Red Sea Film Festival, the Film Commission, NEOM, and Film AlUla are just a few of these subjects.

A number of masterclasses will hold in both Arabic and English by experts from around the world and from the area. These classes will cover various film- and script-related topics, such as “Grab Them At Hello,” “The Perfection of Our Creative Flaws,” “Creative Writing,” “General VFX,” “Strategic PR for Festivals” and “Distribution,” and “Co-Productions in Documentary and Feature Film.”


The partnership between Ithra and the Cinema Society is a major phase of the growth of the film industry in the Kingdom. With the support of organizations like Ithra and the Cinema Society, the future of the film industry in Saudi Arabia looks promising.

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