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A User-Friendly Interface for Government Inquiries 


A User-Friendly Interface for Government Inquiries :

Fahd Alhazmi, a Saudi engineer, recently launched a new platform to help Saudi citizens and ex-pats manage their government service needs through a user-friendly interface. The SaudiGovtGPT is an AI platform designed for Saudi citizens and residents, and it is the first of its kind in the region.

Alhazmi is closely monitoring the progress of AI, particularly the GPT models. Despite the current buzz, Alhazmi thinks people underestimate these models’ significance. He predicts that people will observe the impact of AI’s presence on the economy and job market in the coming years.

According to Alhazmi, he hopes the latest wave of applications will increase investment in basic models. He noted that while some government agencies were adopting AI, there hasn’t been a local model yet that can understand and use the Arabic language. He stated there were enough resources and talented individuals to achieve the objective.

He believes that many people need an interface, even for simple tasks or things they use regularly. He mentioned that based on their own observations, some people they know, such as family and friends, have encountered challenges when dealing with certain government services. This is because there are numerous services and ministries provided by the government.

Streamlining Government Procedures with SaudiGovtGPT

Often, these services overlap in some ways, so the person or organization might have to contact more than one sector to get the needed information. The tool makes the processes easier by putting them into a single, clear statement. For individuals living in a certain country, getting a visa or driver’s license may be easy, but it can be helpful for companies or procedures that take more than one step.

The SaudiGovtGPT is available to help ex-pats, tourists, and non-citizen residents to understand and manage government procedures. The platform uses the GPT, a language prediction model that employs machine learning to produce text outputs. The model can detect various Arabic dialects as well.

According to Alhazmi, the tool can respond precisely to approximately 70% of queries out of the 2,000 government services available. The interface stands out because it doesn’t rely on keyword matching like many other search engines. Instead, it uses semantic search to understand the user’s intent.

Alhazmi was surprised by the positive response to the new AI applications, as he did not expect it. He thought the services were in high demand in the market, and the popularity of AI platforms showed their potential benefits to users. Alhazmi noted that the majority of AI platforms were only accessible in English. Therefore, introducing these new applications that produced outcomes in Arabic was a noteworthy occasion for users.


AI platforms like ChatGPT and OpenAI are becoming increasingly popular due to their accessibility. Users are willing to embrace new technologies to help them navigate their daily lives. Alhazmi’s effort will influence how Saudi Arabians manage their government service needs.

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