May 26, 2024

Keep your pet safe from Skin Allergies this Summer

Are you aware that pets can experience pollen allergies similar to humans? During the summer season, when the pollen count is high, pets with hay fever may suffer from discomfort and misery due to the irritation caused by pollen.

According to Eurovets, a leading animal care equipment and supplies distributor in the UAE, that offer a comprehensive premium product range at highly competitive prices from small to large animal practices, here are some signs to be mindful of skin allergies in pets:

  • Scratching or gnawing at their fur or skin
  • Skin that appears red, swollen, or infected
  • Abnormal shedding patterns
  • Dragging or licking their anal glands
  • Chronic ear infections or inflamed, waxy ears (especially common in dogs with recurring ear issues)
  • Respiratory problems like coughing, wheezing, or difficulty breathing (more prevalent in cats)
  • Discharge from their nose or eyes

In the same context, Eurovets recommends using Bio PetActive products which offers a range of pet care products to support pet health and well-being, including supplements, grooming products, and remedies for different health problems. With over two decades of experience, Bio PetActive is committed to creating high-quality products that are safe and effective. The brand’s most popular products include supplements as salmon oil, Omega+, multivitamin tablets, gels and more.

In light of the pet allergy season, Eurovets recommends using Bio PetActive products that have essential fatty acids enriched with fish oil to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat in cats and dogs. The supplement contains vitamins and zinc and helps in the treatment and prevention of certain skin and fur disorders caused by vitamin or fatty acid deficiencies. Zinc is essential in collagen and keratin synthesis, has healing properties, and helps maintain a beautiful coat.

That’s not all, Bio PetActive products help support healthy skin and fur development, reduces shedding, and keeps pets’ coats shiny and healthy.

Bio PetActive products aim to assist pet owners in maintaining their pets’ health and well-being. The brand highlights the value of preventative care for animals and works closely with veterinarians to ensure the safety and efficacy of their products.

In conclusion, to alleviate pet allergy symptoms, Eurovets recommends taking simple steps to make a big difference. If a cat or dog is affected by seasonal allergies, consider these tips:

• After spending time outside, use a damp cloth to wipe your pet’s face and body to remove pollen.

• Bathe your pet regularly with a mild shampoo.

• Keep your home extra clean during seasonal changes by dusting and vacuuming frequently.

• Feed your pet a complete and balanced diet to support their overall health.

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