April 19, 2024


Stripes with a decisive pace, with a hypnotic rhythm, which accelerate and expand, or slow down and contract. Stripes that dance on everything, from head to toe. Stripes that signal and misalign, marching to their own drum. A collection that puts Missoni in line and gets straight to the point, starting from the stripes. Stripes which Ottavio composed into materials, and Rosita into shapes, combining colors like notes on a music sheet. The silhouette is one line: vertical, empowered and affirmative, in a constant play off of the masculine and the feminine. Strong- shouldered tailoring in full volume, tops and long skirts that slant sideways, jumpsuits, long dresses that cling, and draping that messes up the order of parallel stripes. Stripes that become furry, as entire garments or as details, or that fade and blend into Caperdoni tweed. Alignment of stripes in a geometric total look that comes alive on the body, and accompanies it through the city. Stripes as clarity, in every sense: everything is matched rather than mixed, in a primary and earthy palette, with inevitable black and white that means stripes reduced to their graphic essence.

    Middle East News 247

    Middle East News 247

    Middle East News 247 delivers the latest business and lifestyle news and essential infotainment for, and from the Middle East region, with key focus on the GCC nations: United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman.
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