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Kibsons Announce Fantastic 20% Discount Offer

Ramadan is the month of giving, and Kibsons, the leading online home delivery service that makes healthy eating a reality for thousands of households across the UAE, are thrilled to give back and share a Ramadan gift to their customers in the form of a 20% discount on over 300 brands and 2,000 products including fresh fruits and vegetables, Dates, Meats, Ramadan essentials, Meals, Décor and more – valid between 10th – 30th March.

In addition, the renowned Ramadan Crescent decoration will be available for order on Kibsons along with other stunning yet affordable Ramadan decorations to help families feel the true spirit of the holy month. Not to mention that Kibsons is offering a great selection of Ramadan meats from Jimmy’s (Dhabayeh), which is rich in protein with distinct characteristics of white fat-covered and moist meat. Jimmy’s meat is 100% local with freshly slaughtered goat and lamb raised, fed, and cared for, resulting in high-quality, nutritionally rich and tasty meat. The animals are carefully selected by experts and examined before and after slaughter by veterinarians accredited by UAE Municipality. It is also hormone-free and non-GMO. Jimmy’s Dhabayeh also provides the services of slaughtering, cutting, packaging and delivery of carcasses for free. Delivered directly from the farm to your kitchen.

So, whether you are looking for daily Ramadan essentials, gifting options, sweet treats, dates to break the fast, or centrepieces tostyle the home, Kibsons has all you need with plenty of options that will not break the bank. What’s more, you can get all your Ramadan essentials delivered to your doorstep at the click of a button, as Kibsons offers a swift 2-hour delivery service in selected areas in Dubai. 

Log onto kibsons.com today for all of your Ramadan needs: https://kibsons.com/en/category/24/ramadan

For more information, please visit www.kibsons.com or call +971 800 5427667.

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