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Kibsons launches very first Sustainability Tours and showcases environmentally friendly production process

Becoming the leading name in UAE farm to fork grocery delivery, family owned and operated Kibsons have championed convenience, quality and value since 1980, with a key focus on environmentally friendly systems and processes that have paved the way when it comes to sustainable growing and shopping in the region and online food delivery service. Kibsons have reshaped the way we shop and encourage smarter thinking for a kinder, healthier planet.

To celebrate the 7th anniversary of the Kibsons delivery service, for the first time ever, customers can take part in a ‘behind the scenes’ Kibsons tour. For an exclusive look at the Kibsons process, an insight into the Kibsons journey and to showcase the sustainability achievements, Kibsons fans can see for the very first time what they have helped build over the years.

The tours will take place on weekends across April 2023, starting from Saturday 30th and available slots are limited, so customers are encouraged to book early. A deposit of AED 100 is required per visit, which will be added back to the customer’s Kibsons wallet after the tour.

Since starting e-commerce operations in 2016,  Kibsons has taken steps as part of its Kibsons Cares initiative to reduce its carbon footprint , and is hugely proud to have achieved the following;

  • SOLAR: A 50% reduction in electricity use. Spanning over the Kibsons 13,000 metre facility, electricity consumption is reduced by 25% on average annually; with 50% in winter months.
  • WATER: 75% of water reused. The Kibsons new water recycling plant is on track to recycle more than 75% of the water used to keep the demanding cold storage facility up and running. Did you know that by filtering and purifying the water utilised, Kibsons can save 1,000,000 gallons of water annually?
  • WASTE: 100% organic waste composted. Kibsons organic waste composting plant converts their biodegradable waste material into high-quality organic compost and contributes to reducing their carbon footprint towards landfills wherever possible – producing half a ton of recycled compost per month!
  • RECYCLE: 90% of plastic and paper is recycled by Kibsons. More than 90% of all plastic at the Kibsons facility is recycled.

Kibsons collects the delivery boxes back from customers’ homes, which are then sanitized at the facility and reused to prevent packaging wastage. Customers can request a pick-up of their boxes through the Kibsons app. Kibsons were the first company in the UAE to swap over to paper-based packaging and enable consumers to choose a ‘no packaging’ delivery option when they shop. Kibsons offer their customers the option of having their items packed in eco-friendly recyclable paper bags or packed without bags where possible.

To further prevent food waste, Kibsons offer an ‘ugly but tasty’ range of fruits and vegetables which allows customers to purchase imperfect or nearing-expiration produce at a discounted rate. Shopping local is also another way to not only help the environment but support your local community at the same time. In addition to keeping emissions down as transportation is minimal, you are also helping small farms grow too!

Bookings for the sustainability tour can be made through the following link: https://kibsons.com/en/event-booking/sustainabilityfestival/2

Moreover, to arrange school tours please get in touch with Kibsons by visiting www.kibsons.com or call +971 800 5427667. Find out more by following @Kibsons on social media and log onto Kibsons.com today for all of your online grocery needs.

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