March 5, 2024

How to join Liht Organics’ Metaverse Maldives Edition on August 30, 2023

Liht Organics, the Singapore-headquartered organic makeup brand, will host its Metaverse Maldives Edition on August 30, 2023, as a VR event where beauty and technology converge in a unique way.

Open only to participants who preregister online for the VR event, the Metaverse Maldives Edition follows the popular brand’s successful Beauty in the Metaverse event that was held at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai City in January 2023.

Metaverse Maldives Edition will permit attendees the unique opportunity to discover Liht Organics’ latest beauty products in an immersive metaverse adventure on Liht Organics Island.

The brand’s new product range, sourced from USDA-certified organic and natural ingredients, includes eye shadows, brow powders, pressed foundations and more, to not only enhance one’s beauty but also care for the skin deeply.

To receive an invitation to join the Metaverse Maldives Edition on August 30, 2023 (2-4pm, Gulf Standard Time), attendees must fill out this form: with their name, email and phone number, to receive instructions on how to log into the metaverse realm 48 hours prior to the start of the VR event.

Google Chrome browser

The Liht Organics metaverse event can only be accessed using the Google Chrome web browser from a PC.

It is not recommended to use other types of popular web browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari, to access the event.

The metaverse rendezvous will include meet-and-greet sessions with the Liht Organics’ founders and fellow attendees.

Liht Organics was founded by Nerissa Low and produces cruelty-free organic makeup that is safe and beneficial for the skin and body.

The brand was officially launched in March 2019 and is currently working on creating online and offline immersive retail experiences for consumers.

In the UAE Liht Organics retail outlets are in Dubai at the Mall of the Emirates, Dubai Hills Mall, and Dubai Mall; at Yas Mall, Dalma Mall, and Al Wahda Mall in Abu Dhabi; and at Sahara Centre mall in Sharjah.

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