June 16, 2024

MBZ-Sat: UAE’s Plan to Launch the Most Powerful Imaging Satellite in the Region by 2024

MBZ-Sat: UAE’s Plan to Launch the Most Powerful Imaging Satellite in the Region by 2024:

Next year, the UAE will launch the most advanced imaging satellite in the region into space. The MBZ-Sat has been under development for several years at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) in Dubai. It is named after President Sheikh Mohamed.

Falcon 9 rocket will transport the 800-kilogram satellite into orbit as part of a SpaceX ride-share mission.

Salem Al Marri, who is in charge of the space center, tweeted on Monday that the MBRSC released its first Earth observation satellite about 14 years ago. Monitoring the climate was one of the main goals of this satellite. He shared that they were making MBZ-Sat, a new satellite. This satellite will be the region’s most advanced, with high accuracy and high-resolution imaging capabilities. He added that the satellite would be used for various objectives, such as observing environmental alterations, assessing water quality, and supporting agricultural growth. He further expressed that their main goal was to get the space industry to help the UAE meet its environmental goals and protect the Earth and its resources.

The MBRSC hopes that this mission will help the local space industry. As a result, ninety percent of the mechanical and fifty percent of the electronic modules for the MBZ-Sat project will be made in the Emirates.

Five private companies in the country worked with the space center to make the satellite. These companies are Strata, which specializes in aerospace manufacturing; EPI, an engineering solutions company; Rockford Xellerix, a management consultancy; Halcon, a company that manufactures precision-guided systems; and Falcon Group, an inventory management company.

Key Features of MBZ-Sat: A Closer Look at the UAE’s Advanced High-Resolution Imaging Satellite

The MBZ-Sat will possess three times the power of KhalifaSat, a satellite constructed by the UAE and has been in operation since 2018.

It includes a completely automated image scheduling and processing system, allowing it to create ten times the number of images now produced by the space center.

The speed of downlink data transmission will increase by three times.

Mr. Al Marri shared that they are building the structure in partnership with Strata Manufacturing. He also mentioned that they were collaborating with Falcon on the mechanical components and with Rockford Xellerix on the development of the cabling harness.

Also, Mr. Al Marri pointed out that the aluminum used in MBZ-Sat originated in the UAE and was noteworthy for being the first aluminum produced worldwide using solar power. This accomplishment became possible by partnering with Emirates Global Aluminum and Gulf Extrusions.


The ambitious plan by the UAE to launch MBZ-Sat, the most efficient imaging satellite in the area, is a testament to the nation’s persistent dedication to both technological development and environmental care. As the UAE gets ready to launch MBZ-Sat, it ushers in a new era of top-notch imaging capabilities, significantly advancing the country’s environmental strategies.

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