February 26, 2024

Microsoft’s Newest Business Tool, Viva Sales, Will Help Businesses Do More With Less

The Viva Sales seller-experience business application has been officially released in the Middle East and Africa by Microsoft MEA. Microsoft customers from all around the UAE and the Middle East, and North Africa got together at an event called Customer Experience Reimagined to discuss the newest developments and best practices in the field of Customer Experience.

Michel Diab, who is the Director of Business Applications for Microsoft Middle East and Africa, spoke at the event and talked about how Viva Sales would change the industry in many ways. He said that many salespeople store contact information and contract details in many places, like Outlook, Excel, Teams chats, and more. He went on to say that putting all of that information into a customer relationship management system by hand is a tedious, time-consuming process that requires accuracy and patience. On the other hand, Viva Sales not only cuts down on this time, but it also gives salespeople very useful information that helps them gauge customer feedback, track key performance indicators, and otherwise completely change the way they sell.

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Microsoft Viva Sales Explained

In the past few years, companies have been pushing the limits of innovation and having difficulty finding better ways to manage their remote workers and clients. Organizations from all over the world have worked together to improve the structure of remote work, which is closely tied to internet platforms. One of the many benefits of Viva Sales is that it can help salespeople who are working remotely. With it, they can do their jobs well from the comfort of their own homes, offices, or anywhere in the world. Because of this, they can get more done in less time.

Microsoft Viva Sales is a seller experience app that uses Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams to quickly gather, access, and enter data into any CRM. Since no manual data entry is needed, salespeople have more time to focus on making sales. By adding customer engagement data from Microsoft 365 and the power of AI to the data set, Viva Sales gives sellers sales intelligence that helps them get to know their clients better and close deals faster. With Viva Sales, salespeople can be more productive, have less work to do, and have more time to focus on closing deals.

A few of Microsoft Viva Sales’ most distinctive characteristics are as follows:

  • With Viva Learning, employees can seamlessly incorporate training and development into their existing routines.
  • One of Microsoft Viva Sales’ core features, Viva Insights, provides confidential advice and insights to boost users’ well-being and productivity.
  • With the help of AI, Viva Topics can generate new information and highlight relevant content from the Office 365 ecosystem.


Every day brings new changes and, with them, the introduction of new ideas and technologies. With Microsoft Viva Sales, businesses can make the most of their limited resources by focusing on what matters most to the company and giving their employees the tools and authority they need to do their jobs.

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