September 26, 2023

etisalat by e& ends successful trial of high-capacity transmission network

Partnership with Huawei is a world-first initiative for UAE telco

etisalat by e& – the telecom arm of e& in the UAE – has completed the trial of a 400G@ Super C+L transport network conducted in association with Huawei.

Hailed as the world’s first trial for large-capacity transmission networks and coming off its back, the initiative is poised to support green development programmes while establishing a robust foundation for hyperscale cloud computing.

Super C+L technology involves a new era of high-speed data transmission, serving as the backbone of contemporary digital transformation.

Unique accomplishment

In a rapidly evolving landscape where the demand for scalable, resilient data transmission solutions is paramount, the Super C+L trial is a unique accomplishment for both etisalat by e& and Huawei.

The Super C+L solution tested by etisalat by e& in collaboration with Huawei demonstrated the ability to support up to 12THz of spectrum resources, compared to the traditional extended C-band solution’s support for only 4.8THz of spectrum resources.

The achievement by the two entities resulted in an exceptional 2.5 times increase in network efficiency, proving the ability to effectively support and sustain industries’ digital transformation in real-world scenarios.

The successful trial comes against the backdrop of expanding optical fibre spectrum resources fast emerging as a crucial strategy for achieving high-speed data transmission in next-generation optical networks.

Marwan Bin Shakar, Senior Vice President of Access Network Development at etisalat by e&, said: “The successful completion of the 400G@ Super C+L trial is a testament to our commitment to pioneering innovation, sustainability, and customer-centred solutions.

“Within an ever-evolving landscape where the demand for scalable and resilient data transmission solutions is paramount, the Super C+L trial shines as a noteworthy milestone.”

Network efficiency

etisalat by e&’s ultimate deployment of Super C+L technology will significantly improve network efficiency, minimise energy consumption, and contribute to a more sustainable ecosystem that aligns with the Emirati company’s sustainability objectives.

etisalat by e& maintains that it remains steadfast in investing in advanced technologies, empowering communities, delivering exceptional customer experiences, and enabling the digital transformation of numerous industries.

etisalat by e& aims to maximise stakeholder value, have a unique customer experience, and optimise business performance for sustainable growth and success.

Leveraging the latest world-class technologies, etisalat by e& grows core and digital services, enriching consumer value propositions with digital services catering to new consumer lifestyles and emerging demands beyond core telecom services, including health, insurance, and gaming.

Leveraging its leadership position as a UAE-headquartered digital telco that champions customers in a hyper-connected digital world, etisalat by e& aims to integrate its customers’ needs and demands into future-proof private networks, autonomous vehicles, and AI-empowered landscapes.

Headquartered in Mainland China, Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices provider.

Featured image: High-speed data transmission is the norm in next-generation optical networks. Image: Jordan Harrison

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