May 21, 2024
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Haltia.AI chooses to set up base in the UAE

AI startup eyes Series A funding from UAE and Silicon Valley investors

Haltia.AI – a Dubai-based AI startup that aims to transform industries and improve people’s quality of life with advanced AI solutions – has launched its commercial operations after 90 days of meticulous planning and stealth operations to transition onto the global VC stage.

The uniqueness of the startup is the partnership of nine cypherpunks (a cypherpunk uses encryption to access a digital network to ensure privacy) who are bent on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in AI and privacy.

Arto Bendiken, CTO and co-founder of Haltia.AI, said: “Cypherpunks are more than just visionaries; they are our philosophical backbone and the best and brightest in the tech and AI fields have assembled under the Haltia.AI banner.”

‘Dream team’

Bendiken, who has a commendable track record in the European tech scene, added: We have curated a dream team enriched with applauded brain capital – experts in machine learning, natural language processing, voice interaction, user experience, computer vision, core building, and fine-tuning.

“The inclusion of a celebrated AI psychologist and a top-tier AI ethicist amplifies our commitment to not just technology but also the ethical and emotional complexities of AI in modern society,” said Bendiken.

The decision to establish Haltia.AI in the UAE was a no-brainer.

Bendiken noted: “The UAE is a tech entrepreneur’s utopia, having astutely created an AI ministerial role as early as 2017.”

Perfectly positioned

Supportive of his fellow co-founder’s narrative, Talal Thabet, CEO and co-founder of Haltia.AI, said: “In an ecosystem enriched by progressive government policies, such as the UAE National Strategy for AI 2031, we find ourselves on an accelerated trajectory towards delivering transformative AI solutions.”

Talal Thabet: We are already experiencing significant traction. Image: Haltia.AI
Talal Thabet: We are experiencing significant traction. Image: Haltia.AI

Thabet, who has a portfolio of successful startups, added: “Conversations for Series A funding are already underway with potential investors in both the UAE and Silicon Valley, making the business-friendly regulatory environment in the UAE the ideal launching pad for Haltia.AI.

“We are already experiencing significant traction, as evidenced by our growing waiting list of users pre-launch.”

With its 22-member strong team that primarily includes cypherpunks, engineers and coders, Haltia.AI has set out to prove its mettle in the highly competitive and ever-evolving AI-driven landscape against the backdrop of the UAE’s growing AI ecosystem.

Time watches – and awaits the result!

Featured image: Conceptual image of Haltia.AI. Image: Haltia.AI

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