February 22, 2024
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The Saudi Defense Ministry And Spain’s Navantia Have Signed An Agreement To Build Combat Ships

The Saudi Press Agency reported that on Thursday, the Saudi Defense Ministry agreed to work with a Spanish state-owned company to make battleships for the Saudi Navy. The Memorandum of Understanding was signed in the presence of Prince Khalid bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, the Saudi Minister of Defense, and Mara Reyes Maroto, the Spanish Minister of Industry, Trade, and Tourism. The agreement’s goal is to build combat ships in the country, which aligns with Vision 2030’s plan to bring shipbuilding back to Saudi Arabia.

Sustaining The Defense Ministry in Saudi Arabia

With this agreement, Riyadh secured a commitment from the company Navantia that all fleet-building operations would be based in Saudi Arabia. Navantia specializes in designing and building high-tech military and civilian ships. Navantia’s mission is to develop innovative naval projects that can compete internationally and protect a country. Navantia has already made five Avante 2000 corvettes for the Royal Saudi Naval Forces (RSNF). These were made in San Fernando, Spain, at the Navantia shipyard on the Bay of Cádiz.

Dr Khalid Al-Bayari, the Assistant Minister of Defense for Executive Affairs, said that the MoU is in line with the Crown Prince’s goals. With this strategy, the Kingdom will be a centre for one of the most advanced marine industries. The agreement was based on the directives of Prince Khalid bin Salman, among other things, to improve the readiness of the Saudi armed forces. This action is in line with Vision 2030, a plan by the country’s Council of Economic and Development Affairs. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman leads the program. Its goal is to create several structural changes that will have a long-term positive effect on the country’s economy and social fabric.

Why the Saudi-Navantia MOU is critical 

The agreement aims to foster the integration of new battleship designs, system designs, and engineers. This includes designing hardware, making software, testing, using verification systems, making prototypes, and simulation. The MOU also aims to make the RSNF more prepared to improve regional marine security. This means helping the Defense Ministry reach its strategic, operational, and tactical goals and protecting the vital and strategic interests of the Kingdom. 

This agreement will create a lot of new jobs within the country. It will also help spread knowledge, boost domestic production, grow the economy, and cut down on expenditures abroad. The CEO of Navantia, Mr Ricardo, has also expressed positive qualities about the deal signed with the Saudi Ministry of Defense.

The goal of signing this agreement is to improve Saudi Arabia’s standing in the defence industry around the world. To achieve this, it will take advantage of its location at the intersection of several continents and as an “excellent place for investment” in the field. The initiative helps Saudi Arabia reach its strategic and essential goals for the defence ministry’s protection, maritime security, and operational purposes.

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