March 5, 2024
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UAE Contributes To Gazan Hospitals By Sending 85 Tons Of Medicine And Medical Supplies

More than eighty-five tons of medicine and medical supplies have been sent from the United Arab Emirates to Gaza to aid local hospitals. According to the Emirates News Agency (WAM), six trucks crossed into Egypt via the Rafah Border Crossing on Monday.

The State Of Gazan Hospitals

For many years, healthcare quality in Gaza has deteriorated due to factors including repeated wars. The Palestinians who live in Gaza can’t get many services and treatments they need. Also, the number of people who can get medical care in hospitals outside of Gaza has gone down. The Gaza Strip has been having trouble for a long time because of things like a lack of medicine and fuel for generators. Since fuel supplies to Gaza have been cut back or even stopped for days at a time, the quality of medical care in the territory has suffered more. The recent shutdown of the power plant has made things worse for the locals by cutting them off from services they need, like healthcare. The United Arab Emirates gave $10 million worth of medical supplies to help make things better in the Gaza Strip.

The Emirates Red Crescent, the UAE’s humanitarian arm, will distribute the medical aid. ERC’s goal is to increase local humanitarian aid, ensure the organization will be around for a long time, put foreign aid and relief first, and boost institutional confidence. The stated goal is to help the people in Strip by improving healthcare there. The aid comes from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) humanitarian and relief programs, which aim to help the Palestinian people. 

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has also recently offered $25 million in aid to the Makassed Hospital in East Jerusalem, which opened in 1968. This further shows the Emirates’ commitment to providing aid to those in need. About 130,000 patients will benefit from the donated medical equipment at the hospital. Al Makassed Hospital was forced to close in April for all but emergency cases. This closure left their doctors feeling pessimistic.

Furthermore, due to cuts in funding from the government at the local level during the Covid-19 pandemic, eventually, it was on the verge of being forced to shut down. The World Health Organization and the UN Special Coordinator for the Middle Eastern Peace Process collaborated on this effort. With the help of the UAE, the hospital will be able to purchase the necessary medical equipment. 


The United Arab Emirates has consistently sought to offer any assistance that might enhance the humanitarian response to aid the Palestinians. Its goal is to help the local people, especially women and children, by meeting their basic needs. The aid is part of a more significant effort by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to help Palestinian hospitals and clinics. The United Arab Emirates’ donations to hospitals in Gaza will help meet the medical needs of the local people in a big way.

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