April 18, 2024

United Arab Emirate’s Telecoms Operator E& And South Korea’s Bespin Partner To Offer Cloud Services

 Etisalat e& enterprise, a subsidiary of the United Arab Emirates-based technology conglomerate formerly known as the Etisalat Group, recently announced that it had signed a binding agreement with Bespin Global. This agreement is to form a joint venture with Bespin Global. Bespin Global is a leading public cloud-managed services provider based in South Korea, with the goal of giving businesses in the region a complete cloud solution. Bespin Global is one of the cloud-managed service providers with the fastest growth. It has more than 1,700 customers in the US, China, Singapore, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and South Korea.

Etisalat (e&) Bespin Partner To Offer Cloud Solution

The joint venture will be called Bespin Global MEA, an e& enterprise company. e& enterprise will own 65% of the company, and Bespin Global will own 35%. Both e& enterprise and Bespin Global will bring their public cloud businesses and the related professional and managed services from their current regional operations to the JV. e& enterprise will also invest $60 million in Bespin Global and get a position on the board of directors. Furthermore, there is an option to invest another $60 million within 18 months after the transaction is done. Also, both shareholders will contribute to the JV’s growth capital. As part of the acquisition, e& enterprise will also invest in the parent company of Bespin Global.

Together, the two companies’ strengths will be amplified through the joint venture. In addition to a comprehensive suite of digital transformation solutions, e& enterprise will bring a significant presence to the local market. Cloud migration, cloud operations, cloud native application development, cloud optimization, and cloud billing are all areas where Bespin Global excels. To aid businesses in their digital transformation, the joint venture will offer a comprehensive cloud service. The UAE company said in a statement that the investments and plans for the future announced are worth more than $100 million.

To maximize their digital potential, e& enterprise works directly with customers to design, deliver, and operate transformative, intelligent, and secure end-to-end digital solutions, as stated by Salvador Anglada, CEO of e& enterprise. He stated that the investment in the holding company and the joint venture with Bespin Global were both parts of their continuous efforts to broaden their cloud service offerings and solidify their status as a reliable partner for UAE-based businesses and government agencies.

According to Bespin Global CEO and co-founder John Hanjoo Lee, the partnership between his company and e& enterprise will help shape the future of cloud business by capitalizing on the strengths of both companies. As an additional note, he stated that Bespin Global is excited to have e& on board as an investor and values the firm’s faith in the company’s plans and direction. He ended by saying that he was optimistic that they would soon be able to speed up their growth strategy and increase their global footprint without sacrificing profits.


The proliferation of cutting-edge innovations like the Internet of Things, edge computing, 5G, and real-time analytics powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning will drive cloud adoption forward. By forming this partnership, e& enterprise will be able to take advantage of Bespin Global MEA’s resources and better support customers across the cloud’s whole value chain.

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