June 21, 2024

Middle East Employee Well-Being Summit 2024 Ends On High Note

A Triumph In Prioritising Mental Health

The Middle East Employee Well-Being Summit 2024, organised by IBEForuM, unfolded on May 28 and 29 at the Radisson Blu hotel in Dubai. The event garnered global attention, boasting over 200 delegates, 20 distinguished speakers, and sponsorship from 14+ organisations.

‘Middle East News 247’ was a Media Partner of the event.

The summit served as a crucial platform for delving into the pivotal role of mental health in fostering overall employee well-being. With a keen focus on incorporating wellness practices into corporate cultures, the event advocated for a proactive stance on mental health within workplaces.

Among the notable sessions was a laughter yoga workshop, which spotlighted innovative approaches to alleviating stress and nurturing mental wellness among employees and provided practical strategies applicable across diverse industries to augment employee satisfaction and productivity. These sessions underscored the power of practical solutions in fostering a healthier work environment.

Keynote speeches and panel discussions spanned various pertinent topics, offering interactive engagements and networking opportunities.

Curated Sessions

Participants from across the Middle East and Asia regions seized the chance to exchange experiences and glean insights from industry frontrunners, culminating in a comprehensive understanding of optimal practices for cultivating a supportive work milieu.

The organisers reflected on the summit’s success and were delighted at the profound engagement and discourse. They emphasised the event’s pivotal role in setting a new standard for addressing employee well-being, affirming that mental health is not solely a personal matter but a critical business imperative.

The triumph of the Middle East Employee Well-Being Summit 2024 underscores the mounting acknowledgement of mental health’s significance in workplaces.

IBEForuM extends its heartfelt appreciation to all sponsors, speakers, and attendees, recognising their invaluable contributions in elevating the event into a landmark assembly for the business community.

IBEForuM is a reputed international organisation that empowers global leaders to shape a brighter future.

For more information about the Middle East Employee Well-Being Summit 2024 and future events, contact:

Arif Ulla, Director (Strategic Innovation and Executive Engagement), IBEForuM

+91 9845 113 293

[email protected]

Or visit: https://www.ibeforum.com/

Featured image: A session in progress at the Middle East Employee Well-Being Summit 2024 in Dubai. Credit: IBEForuM

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