February 22, 2024

Milestone joins CVE Program in boost to global cybersecurity

352 CVE global entities discover and share vulnerabilities

Milestone Systems, the Denmark-headquartered provider of data-driven video technology software in and beyond security, is collaborating with the Common Vulnerability and Exposures (CVE) Program as a CVE Numbering Authority (CNA) effective January 23, 2024.

The CVE Program, with the primary goal of identifying, describing, and cataloguing known cybersecurity issues, allows global organisations to participate in discovering and sharing vulnerabilities.

This collaborative initiative results in the publication of CVE Records, providing detailed information about cybersecurity issues. The aim is to facilitate communication among IT and cybersecurity professionals, fostering collective efforts to address and rectify these concerns.

Thomas Jensen: Milestone will publish mitigated vulnerabilities to the wider community. Image: Milestone

CNAs are organisations from around the world that are authorised to assign CVE Identifiers (CVE IDs) and publish CVE Records for vulnerabilities affecting products within their distinct, agreed-upon scope for inclusion in first-time public announcements of new vulnerabilities.

Types of organisations typically include vendors, researchers, open source, CERTs, hosted services, bug bounty providers, and consortiums.

Second Danish CNA   

Milestone Systems is the second CNA from Denmark. The first is Secomea.

Thomas Jensen, CEO of Milestone Systems, said: “Milestone Systems is committed to transparency in cybersecurity across our business. As responsible technology becomes a licence to operate, we believe people have the right to feel safe knowing they can trust video technology.

“As a CVE Program partner, we will publish mitigated vulnerabilities to the wider community, allowing Milestone to coordinate and address potential issues more effectively. This will further enhance our cybersecurity and continue to build trust in our XProtect open platform video management software.”

The CVE Program identifies, describes, and catalogues known cybersecurity issues. Logo: CVE

To date, 352 CNAs (350 CNAs and 2 CNA-LRs) from 38 countries and one no-country affiliation have partnered with the CVE Program.

In the future, cybersecurity vulnerabilities identified by Milestone Systems will be reported on their website under CVE ID numbers. These vulnerabilities and their corresponding mitigations will be accessible not only through Milestone’s profile on the CVE website but also via milestonesys.com

Featured image: Milestone Systems pavilion at Intersec 2024 in Dubai, showcasing its XProtect open platform video management software. Image: Arnold Pinto

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