May 20, 2024

NEOM Has Launched A Business Accelerator To Aid SMEs And Entrepreneurs

NEOM Has Launched A Business Accelerator To Aid SMEs And Entrepreneurs:

NEOM City has recently launched a business accelerator called the “Seven Senses” accelerator. The mission of NEOM’s business accelerator is to create an integrated system for entrepreneurship in the NEOM and Tabuk regions and to help small and medium-sized businesses, artisans, professionals, change-makers, and innovative companies.

NEOM’s Business Accelerator: How It’s Paving The Way For SMEs And Entrepreneurs

From March 26 to May 14, innovators and entrepreneurs can send in their applications to join the intensive training camp that makes them eligible to compete for a spot in the accelerator. The camp starts on May 28 and lasts for two days. During that time, 150 entrepreneurs will learn various skills, such as the basics of running a successful business, how to talk to customers, and how to get investors interested in their businesses. Participants will be able to show their ideas to a group of experts in order to get feedback.

After the training camp, the top competitors will be chosen to participate in the accelerator program. The accelerator program lasts nearly 10 weeks, from May to August, and concludes with a trial day in Tabuk where participants can showcase their projects and goods. Participants in the program will learn about the newest tools and techniques through workshops and many professional mentorships. Those who successfully finish the program can take advantage of investment opportunities and meet the requirements for applying to NEOM projects.

Meshari Al-Mutairi, the executive director of government affairs at NEOM, stated that the idea for the “Seven Senses” NEOM accelerator program came from a deep study of the market. Its goal is to help business owners and entrepreneurs in the NEOM and Tabuk regions develop their skills through practical and scientific paths. He went on to add that they would be able to build and run their business in line with the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030 and provide services that meet the standards and needs of NEOM projects.

The accelerator program is open to all industries, but those who want to build their own brands are especially encouraged to sign up. Freelancers in the tourism, public service, food service, new media, and arts and culture sectors, as well as SMEs in the tourism, public service, food service, new media, and contracting sectors, are also encouraged.


NEOM’s business accelerator program is a unique way to help entrepreneurs and SMEs in the NEOM and Tabuk areas of Saudi Arabia. By giving investment options and the chance to apply to NEOM projects, the accelerator helps SMEs and entrepreneurs start and run successful businesses in line with the goals of Vision 2030. NEOM’s business accelerator is a great chance for all kinds of businesses and a step in the right direction for boosting economic growth in the region.

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