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July 13, 2024

Orient Finance introduces ‘Personalised Educational Seminars’ to foster financial empowerment for individuals

Orient Finance, a leading financial services provider in the region dedicated to fostering financial literacy and empowerment, introduced a series of personalised educational seminars to equip individuals of all ages with requisite knowledge and tools to achieve financial success.

These personalised seminars, which are one of the several innovative initiatives undertaken by the company this year, are meticulously designed to meet the varied needs and preferences of individuals as well as empower participants to navigate the financial markets confidently and successfully. It covers a broad array of topics, ranging from sophisticated trading strategies to comprehensive and in-depth analysis of various financial markets, such as currencies, commodities, stocks, and forex. The initiative primarily targets individuals seeking to embark on their trading journey, who frequently encounter challenges in accessing financial education and resources.

Seraj Khan, Managing Director of Orient Finance, stated: “In the present fast-paced global economy, we firmly believe that financial literacy is one of the essential skills for both enhancing individual capabilities and securing a sustainable future. By launching these educational seminars, we aim to empower investors of all levels and foster a community of informed decision-makers, who are well-prepared to face future challenges with confidence.”

“At Orient Finance, we are committed to providing individuals with the financial knowledge, skills, and resources required to successfully manage their finances, in line with the UAE’s strategic vision to enhance financial literacy of individuals. The country launched the Ministry of Finance Strategic Plan 2023-2026 to improve government performance by fostering innovation, financial leadership, and sustainability as well as ensuring transparency and confidence in the financial system,” he added.

In contrast to other generic financial education initiatives, Orient Finance’spersonalised educational seminars are specially designed to meet every participant’s particular needs, providing a more meaningful and exceptional learning environment. It offers enhanced decision-making skills, a better grasp of market dynamics, and increased confidence to participants while navigating the intricacies of the financial markets. By learning about the numerous important strategies and best practices to maximise profits and manage risks in their trading journey, participants can improve their knowledge and proficiency in financial markets.The seminars are free of charge and available to all participants.

The in-house Relationship Managers and professionals at Orient Finance are the key experts and educators who contribute to the educational materials for these seminars. This guarantees that participants will be guided through the complex world of finance by experts who have a wealth of expertise in the sector.

Financial literacy empowers individuals to better manage earnings, savings, and investments, minimising their vulnerability to several financial risks and challenges. Recognising its significance, Orient Finance is dedicated to breaking the cycle of financial exclusion and vulnerability, as part of which they have made these seminars accessible to everyone who aspires to learn about the financial markets.

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