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July 14, 2024

Panasonic Encourages Families to ‘Share The Taste Of Togetherness’ This Ramadan

Nothing captures the spirit of Ramadan like the whole family gathering around a delicious home-cooked feast for iftars and suhoors.  But with the season calling for sudden change to our sleep patterns, diet and routine – add to that the already busy lifestyles we live – whipping up a grand spread can be a challenge.  Not anymore as Panasonic launches its Ramadan campaign, putting forward its premium range of kitchen appliances to provide an efficient and convenient solution so families can bond over cherished Ramadan favorites.

The campaign, bannered under the theme ‘Share The Taste Of Togetherness’, highlights Panasonic’s premium range of kitchen appliances designed to take the hassle and stress out of meal preparations.  The Japanese manufacturer has been committed to developing kitchen innovations that fit seamlessly into customers’ busy lifestyles and help them achieve their fresh, healthy cooking aspirations.  Through Panasonic’s cutting-edge technologies, cooking becomes more convenient and more enjoyable allowing customers to offer delicious, personalized and healthy nutrition to friends and family alike.

Yusuke Hirokawa, Manager, Appliances Department, PMMAF, said: “Ramadan is a time of warmth, joy, and togetherness, and what better way to celebrate than with sumptuous meals with loved ones.  This is at the heart of our new Ramadan campaign.  For us, to ‘Share The Taste Of Togetherness’ is to celebrate the joy of fresh, nutritious food and to create great experiences preparing them right in our own kitchen.  Panasonic has been offering our Middle Eastern customers top-class kitchen appliances to help everyone in the family – both the food prepper newbies and the creative cooks – to easily enjoy tasty meals and preserve healthy nutrients.  Our products are created with high-quality Japanese craftsmanship to provide cooking solutions for Ramadan and beyond so you can spend less time slaving over a hot stove and have more fun with your family.”

Headlining Panasonic’s Ramadan Campaign are some of its newest kitchen launches, including:

Air Fryer NF-CC600

The Air Fryer NF-CC600 is equipped with a built-in water tank, which allows for gentle steam infusion during cooking for improved roasting process.  The Gentle Steam increases moisture inside the Air Fryer facilitating even heat distribution, making food crispy on the outside yet tender and juicy from the inside.  This 6-Liter Capacity kitchen wonder is conveniently-sized for big or small volume cooking requirement, as well as boasts Dual-Core Thermal Cycle technology.  This means that the hot air from the top and bottom heating elements of the appliance is circulated by the fan for an even and high-speed cooking, resulting in perfectly made dishes within a shorter cooking time.  The Air Fryer is designed with Top LED Touch Screen for one-handed operation without bending, and a high temperature resistant glass window so users can simply glance in to check on the food without disrupting its cooking progress.  It also offers 11 Smart Cooking Presets for ease of operation, making it ideal for endless possibilities in the kitchen – from crispy chicken to crunchy samosas to delicately grilled fish to succulent cakes and pastries.  

NN-CD87 Microwave Oven

The NN-CD87 is the brand’s top-of-the-line healthy air frying convection microwave oven.  It incorporates the revolutionary air frying technology with convection, grill and combination microwave cooking to help users create a variety of fast, healthy, nutritious meals, especially during such busy occasion like Ramadan.  Its air frying function uses advanced powerful heating innovations to circulate hot air around the food at high speeds, producing crispy, brown results on the outside and juicy and succulent goodness on the inside.  Providing the ultimate functionality, this 4-in-1 appliance is equipped with the re-bake bread function, in which simultaneous microwave and convection cooking lets users recreate the delicious taste of freshly baked bread at home.  NN-CD87 packs extra power with a host of other features, including the Genius Sensor, which monitors steam levels to achieve optimal heating and cooking results without the guesswork, and the One-Push Reheating button, which ensures reheating time is calculated accurately to prevent over or undercooking.  Built with 1000W Inverter Technology, this model is able to generate a constant stream of power to deliver heat evenly from the edges to the center and across a wide range of cooking techniques.  The oven’s six power levels, along with the five cooking combination programs, also ensure that users have everything they need in one appliance to get the job done.  The NN-CD87, with 34-liter capacity, has a roomy interior which can fit 360 mm wide dishes and food items.

Food Processor MK-F510

Compact yet powerful, MK-F510 comes with BPA-free SAN plastic bowls with a wide variety of accessories for different functions according to needs, and from processing low to high volume ingredients.  A powerful, multitasking and reliable kitchen assistant, the food processor comes with different attachments – among them knife/shredding/slicing/French Fry blades and whipping disk – so chopping, mixing, slicing and other tedious task can be done in a fraction of the time.  It comes with a kneading blade, a 1.35L capacity Blender Jug, citrus strainer and dry mill container, helping users to bring out their full potential as home chefs. Thoughtfully-designed, the appliance makes it easy to cut small to large quantities of ingredients – Speed 2/High (evenly cut and mix hard or sticky ingredients), Speed1/Low (gently mix various liquids and small amounts of ingredients), or Pulse (evenly cut and mix soft, moist ingredients).  Its bowl structure also features finely-adjusted distance between the cutter attachment and bowl to effectively cut light and small quantities evenly.  Cutter attachments for MK-F510 can be stored inside the bowl, making it a true space saver.  On the safety front, the appliance’s bowl and bowl lid mounting are both secured by safety lock in order to prevent malfunction caused by trying to force the unit to process something that is difficult to mix or cut. Meanwhile, the size of the feeding tube hole is designed with safety in mind to prevent children’s hands from getting into it.  Non-slip suction on the bottom of the unit also ensures that it is securely fixed to the counter and can be used safely during processing.  

Meat Grinder MK-GX1710

MK-GX1710 delivers smooth grinding performance with its combination of specially designed Made-in-Japan blade and Panasonic’s motor technology, which further increases the meat grinding performance. The meat grinder’s curved blade edge accomplishes a common Japanese technique used for cutting ingredients wherein pulling the knife towards you as you cut helps bring clean slices as this method uses the sharpest part of the knife. In addition, MK-GX1710’s blades are slightly bulged, as seen on traditional Japanese swords, which help to bite into the flesh better.  This means efficient meat grinding is achieved, and on top of that, the cutting blade easily cuts through the fibre of the meat, minimizing the amount of meat dripping, thus ensuring retention of flavors and nutrients in the minced meat.  The appliance’s 1700-watt motor – and deeper shape tray design – makes it even more convenient when you want to grind a large amount of meat at any time.  Easy to use with a simple On/Off reverse button when grinding, MK-GX1710 comes with interchangeable cutting plates and attachments to help you prepare a treasure trove of Ramadan culinary staples such sausage and kibbeh.

MJ-CB800 Juicer

Refreshing drinks are an essential part of Ramadan iftar to quench your thirst after a long day of fasting, especially in hot weather. For this, MJ-CB800 is your ideal kitchen helper as this is a powerful juicer that can easily handle tough fruits and vegetables. It features a 1000-watt motor that has a wide feeding tube able to accommodate whole fruits and vegetables, reducing the need for pre-cutting, and comes with a large capacity 2.0L Pulp container.  Among the appliance’s stand-out features is its unique Full Metal Spinner with its S-shaped blade and low angle blade that efficiently extracts maximum juice, resulting in smooth and pulp-less juice, making drinks easier to gulp even for children.  It also features a fine Filter Mesh, which separates the juice from the pulp, so you always get a smooth-textured drink.  This Juicer is a single appliance with ‘3-in-1 capability, and comes with exchangeable 1L Glass Blender Jar and Glass Dry Mill. This lets you make smoothies packed with dietary fiber by including fruit peels and the hard cores of vegetables. The Dry Mill, meanwhile, lets you enjoy rich, robust coffee from freshly ground beans, as well as a variety of spices.

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