May 28, 2024
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Positive Technologies thwarts cybercriminals with innovative cybersecurity solutions

Digitalisation push in the Middle East appeals to the global company

Positive Technologies – a leading global provider of enterprise security solutions for vulnerability and compliance management, incident and threat analysis, and application protection – safeguards 3,000+ organisations globally against cyberattacks and non-tolerable damage.

The company is the sole Russia-based cybersecurity company to have gone public on the Moscow Exchange.

Positive Technologies exhibited its latest innovative cybersecurity technologies and solutions at GITEX Global – the largest tech and startup event in the world – held at Dubai World Trade Centre from October 16-20, 2023, and where Evgeniya Popova, International Business Director, Positive Technologies, briefed ‘Middle East News 247’ about the company’s uniqueness and more.

What is the focus of Positive Technologies at GITEX Global 2023?

We are addressing two crucial topics at GITEX Global this year. The first one pertains to our perspective on cybersecurity and how to achieve meaningful results. Our company has witnessed numerous security issues despite adopting cutting-edge technologies. Many public and undisclosed incidents have highlighted the vulnerability businesses face.

We aim to educate our partners and customers on effectively tackling these cybersecurity challenges. We call this approach “cyber result-oriented cybersecurity” or “outcome-driven cybersecurity.”

Can you elaborate on the concept of “outcome-driven cybersecurity”?

The core idea is to prioritise protection against events that could be catastrophic for a business. We emphasise that safeguarding everything is unnecessary, but protecting against non-tolerable or catastrophic events is essential.

For instance, for many companies, a significant financial loss or a severe disruption in their manufacturing processes can be devastating.

Our goal is to encourage a focus on protecting against such critical events, which we consider as the first step in the cybersecurity journey.

Positive Technologies’s multi-storey exhibitor stand at GITEX Global 2023. Image: Arnold Pinto

Can you explain how penetration testing and cybersecurity drills fit into your approach?

Practical exercises are integral to our approach. We conduct various types of penetration testing, red teaming tests, and cyber drills to ensure the effectiveness of cybersecurity measures.

These tests provide practical proof of protection. If our white-hat hackers cannot breach a client’s infrastructure, it is unlikely that malicious actors can. These exercises ensure that a company stays secure in evolving circumstances.

“Bug bounty” is a concept. Could you explain what it is and how it adds value?

Bug bounty is a novel approach where we invite companies to assess their digital twin for vulnerabilities. Successful attempts to breach security and cause non-tolerable events are rewarded. This exercise helps companies understand their vulnerabilities and how to protect against them.

Positive Technologies is known for its expertise in white-hat hacking. How do you leverage this expertise to benefit your customers?

Over the years, our team of experts has honed their skills in various cybersecurity areas, including forensics, recovery, and penetration testing. We have used this intelligence to develop tools that help customers detect and mitigate threats.

We provide vulnerability management, asset management, and network discovery software, enabling customers to build their security operation centres.

Cyber Valley halls’ branding at GITEX Global 2023, where Positive Technologies exhibited. Image: Arnold Pinto

How does Positive Technologies address the challenges posed by cybercriminals using generative AI to empower cyberattacks?

We recognise that we cannot stop the progress of AI, so we adapt to these changes. We have integrated machine learning technologies into our software to automate complex processes and enhance protection.

We believe that using the same technology for defence is how to stay ahead of evolving threats.

Why is the Middle East an essential market for Positive Technologies?

The Middle East presents a unique opportunity for us. The region is rapidly evolving and becoming a global economic centre. There is a significant focus on digitalisation and innovation, making it an ideal market for us. We aim to be part of this transformation and contribute to the region’s growth.

Which countries in the Middle East do you primarily focus on?

While focusing on the GCC countries, we are open to working with other countries in the region. We can collaborate and discuss with various partners and customers in the Middle East.

What is your company’s theme for participating in GITEX Global 2023?

This year, we are emphasising a local approach. We have local teams focused on collaborating with local companies and partners. We want to be relevant and understandable to the local market, and we are working closely with key system integrators, partners, and distributors in the region to achieve this.

Featured image: Evgeniya Popova at the Positive Technologies multi-tiered stand at GITEX Global 2023. Image: Arnold Pinto

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