May 28, 2024

Saudi Transformation Catches Estonia’s Attention, Offers Assistance With Kingdom’s Transformation

Saudi Transformation Catches Estonia’s Attention, Offers Assistance With Kingdom’s Transformation:

Estonia is closely observing Saudi’s transformation, with President Alar Karis expressing interest in becoming a part of the Kingdom’s reform and growth story. During an interview, Karis shared his strong interest in the transformations happening in the Kingdom, specifically related to social reforms and women’s rights. He stressed that Estonia’s reform journey happened only three decades ago, stating that it wasn’t that long ago, and they possess some expertise that they can be useful to the Kingdom.

Estonia Sheds Light On How It Can Help In Saudi’s Transformation

Karis also highlighted Estonia’s triumph in digital transformation, adoption of new technologies, and creative problem-solving as examples for the Kingdom to follow. He expressed confidence in the Kingdom’s ability to emulate Estonia’s success. He commented that the Kingdom is making significant progress and becoming a leader in the region, and Estonia is eager to be involved in this transformation.

Karis stated that he wished to share what Estonia knows and help the Kingdom grow. He added that Estonia helped build public systems in Oman in a major way in the past, and he thought that the same kind of help could be given to Saudi Arabia. Karis said that e-governance was one of Estonia’s most important goals and pointed out that they have made a lot of progress in this area.

Karis also cited comparisons between Estonia and the Kingdom, claiming that both countries were experiencing a green transition to minimize their dependency on fossil fuels. Estonia, like the Kingdom, sought to transition away from shale oil. Karis noted that both countries had a common purpose and that digital solutions would be essential in accomplishing their different environmental goals. He added that Estonian companies are already operating in the Saudi high-tech megacity NEOM.

Karis stressed the digital industry and e-governance when asked for suggestions for Saudi investors. He highlighted that Estonia was a startup hotspot, with a phenomenal number of 10 unicorns to serve as inspiration. However, he emphasized the importance of the Kingdom establishing a firm foundation of rules and regulations, as well as fostering trust in the government and financial institutions. Karis said that Estonia had placed a high level of faith in its government and banks, as seen by the mandated usage of an ID card for every resident, which had become the backbone of the country’s digital advancement.


Estonia’s keen interest in Saudi’s transformation, as well as its willingness to support the Kingdom on its growth path, demonstrates a promising partnership between the two countries. As Estonia offers to share its expertise and experience, the Kingdom can use these ideas to speed up its digital transformation and build a prosperous, diverse economy. The reciprocal flow of ideas and partnership between Estonia and Saudi Arabia promises both countries a lively and bright future.

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