April 21, 2024

Saudization Initiative Widens Its Scope to Encompass Additional Sectors

Saudization Initiative Widens Its Scope to Encompass Additional Sectors:

According to new plans from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, Saudization will now include new jobs and activities (MHRSD). The goal of the project is to aid young Saudi men and women in finding jobs and also getting more involved in the job market. The MHRSD partnered with other government ministries and regulatory agencies to achieve this.

Saudization Goes Beyond Traditional Sectors: Which Industries Are Affected?

The Saudization of project management professions includes project managers and project management specialists. This sector will take place in two stages, in collaboration with the Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs, and Housing. They hope to achieve a goal of 35 percent in the first phase. They are also aiming for 40 percent in the second phase of the total number of workers in project management professions in firms with three or more workers. They have set the lowest wage for these jobs at SR6000.

Together with the Ministry of Transport and Logistics and the General Transport Authority, they have implemented the Saudization program in 14 different ways. These include freight brokers and businesses that provide services for freight operations. Also, all administrative positions at businesses that provide sewing and decorating services for women have undergone complete Saudization. A law stating that businesses with 10 or more women working in technical jobs must hire one Saudi woman in a technical job has also gone into effect.

On April 1, the second phase of Saudization of the postal and package delivery services and the second phase of localizing the medical equipment industry will both go into effect. In order to make postal and parcel delivery operations more local, all businesses that they grant a license to do so must limit CEOs to Saudi nationals. They must also fill 50% of first-level senior management positions with Saudis.

In the second phase of localizing the medical appliances sector, 80 percent of the sales, advertising, and promotion of medical devices and supplies will undergo Saudization. Also, 50 percent of the engineering and technical jobs for medical devices will undergo Saudization. The MHRSD will also offer a package of incentives to help businesses in the private sector hire Saudis. These businesses will also be able to take advantage of all the Saudization support programs in the system and the support and employment programs offered by the Human Resources Development Fund.


The Saudization initiative is expanding to include new jobs and activities, as well as traditional ones. Overall, the initiative is progressing toward empowering Saudi nationals and boosting the country’s workforce. The MHRSD has put out procedure manuals that explain how to localize jobs and activities and how to put them into action. The government has instructed private enterprises to follow these rules to avoid fines for breaking the law.

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