June 26, 2024

Saudi Arabia’s Green Initiative Thrives with Over 12 Million Trees Planted in the Last 5 Years

Saudi Arabia’s Green Initiative Thrives with Over 12 Million Trees Planted in the Last 5 Years:

The National Transformation Program’s annual report for 2022 revealed that Saudi Arabia had planted more than 12 million trees through the National Center for Vegetation Development in the past five years as part of Saudi’s Green Initiative’s sustainability objectives.

Here’s How Saudi’s Green Initiative Is Pioneering Step Towards a Sustainable Future

The study also covered the second phase of Vision 2030, which aims to promote new and promising sectors, stimulate local content, and create an enabling environment for public, private, and nonprofit entities. Multiple environmental sustainability achievements have been made under the second phase, reinforcing the goals and targets of Saudi’s Green Initiative in keeping with the Kingdom’s global leadership in shaping a green future.

The impact of the Saudi green initiative can be seen across the country, from the capital city of Riyadh to the northern city of Tabuk. Parks and green spaces have sprung up across the country, providing a much-needed respite from the hot desert sun. The initiative has also helped to create new jobs in the country.

The reuse of more than 22% of the Kingdom’s treated water and a 35% increase in desalinated water production capacity in the last five years are just some of the reported milestones. The program has also successfully reintroduced 921 endangered animals into national parks and reserves, including the birth of the first Arabian oryx and Idmi gazelle calves in the King Salman Royal Reserve and Ibex Reserve, respectively.

The Kingdom leads the world in export value, with over $304 million in 2021, and the key to achieving the vision’s goals is to integrate the government, private, and nonprofit sectors, according to Saad Al-Otaibi, Chairman of the Green Taif Association’s board of directors.

The Green Taif Association is working towards establishing Taif Governorate as a green city that adheres to green city principles and guidelines. The Kingdom is committed to achieving sustainability and balance between rapid growth and environmental conservation by implementing sustainable policies, dense afforestation, renewable energy use, waste reduction, and emissions reduction to reintroduce wildlife to its natural habitats in Taif’s open areas and valleys.

As the world’s climate crisis is becoming more severe, the Saudi green initiative stands out as a good example of what many countries can achieve with hard work, new ideas, and funds. The initiative has shown that even in the most challenging of environments, it is possible to create a greener and more sustainable society for all.


The Saudi green initiative is a testament to the country’s commitment to a sustainable future. By planting over 12 million trees in the last five years, the project has made great strides toward its goal of planting 10 billion trees by 2030. The project has not only helped to reduce the country’s carbon footprint but has also created new jobs and improved the country’s global standing. As it continues to thrive, it serves as a model for sustainable development for other countries to follow.

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