May 26, 2024

Leading Film Critics Discuss At Saudi’s First Film Criticism Conference In Jeddah

Leading Film Critics Discuss At Saudi’s First Film Criticism Conference In Jeddah:

Recently, Saudi Arabia’s film industry has been on the rise, marked by the establishment of the country’s first film criticism conference in Jeddah’s Al-Balad district. The two-day forum, put on by the Saudi Film Commission and Jeddah’s Islamic Arts Biennale, was about “Spirituality in Cinema” and brought together some of the world’s most famous film critics to talk about the future of Saudi cinema and its place in the global film industry. Attendees had the opportunity to participate in workshops that focused on developing their understanding of media and cinematic awareness, as well as improving their ability to read films critically and objectively.

The Potential Of Saudi Arabian Cinema To Become A Major Force In The Global Film Industry

Film critics from Saudi Arabia and worldwide came to the conference to share their knowledge and thoughts on the country’s film industry’s future. Participants included Naminata Diabate, an Associate Professor at Cornell University and the author of Naked Agency, and Sergio Dias Branco, an Assistant Professor of Film Studies at the University of Coimbra in Portugal and a film critic. Ruba Al-Sweel, a writer and arts and culture researcher from Saudi Arabia, and Dr. Syed Haider, a world cinema lecturer from India, were also present.

American Joe Kickasola, who was in the Kingdom for the first time, was another notable guest at the conference. He praised the Saudi Film Commission for helping to establish the possibility of filmmaking in Saudi Arabia in his capacity as a Professor of Film and Digital Media and Director of the Baylor in New York Program. He said that the commission gives aspiring film artists a chance and a plan, which makes it easier for them to reach their objectives. According to him, the Saudi Film Commission is a key part of how movies can be made in the Kingdom.

At the conference, Saudi art expert Al-Sweel presented her recent research on media theory, highlighting how platform capitalism and network spirituality create a certain cultural moment. She also said that over the next ten years, a lot of important films would come out of the Kingdom and into the world thanks to the support and structure of organizations like the Saudi Film Commission. Al-Sweel said that there have always been great independent attempts to make a film community that tells stories from a local point of view and where the depth of subject matter matches the technical knowledge.

In addition to the conference, forums for film critics who are interested in the film industry in the Kingdom and abroad will hold in Riyadh, Abha, Buraydah, Dharan, and Tabuk. These forums will also invite academic groups interested in local and international cinematic studies and research, as well as local, regional, and international media outlets interested in the cinema movement in the Kingdom.


The Jeddah film criticism conference is a significant step forward for the Saudi film industry. It provides a platform for dialogue and collaboration and sets the stage for a bright future for the Kingdom’s filmmaking.

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