May 20, 2024
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Makkah Municipality Organizes Mobile Testing Labs for Pilgrims’ Food Quality Assurance

Makkah Municipality Organizes Mobile Testing Labs for Pilgrims’ Food Quality Assurance:

Operating near the Grand Mosque in Makkah, the municipality has set up mobile laboratories to check the food for worshippers and pilgrims during Ramadan. In order to ensure that samples of food and water are safe for human consumption, these facilities will provide on-the-spot analysis.

Ensuring Safe Pilgrimage: How Makkah Municipali#ty is Revolutionizing Food Quality Assurance for Hajj

Osama Zeitouni, a municipality official, stated that the new service would speed up the testing of food samples. It has modern tools that test samples and provide outcomes quickly and accurately within 18 hours. The central laboratory in Makkah can analyze 500 samples per day, with each lab having the capacity to analyze between 100 and 150 samples per day, including food and water samples. Makkah Municipality has skilled workers dispersed across the central region and in busy areas surrounding the Great Mosque to operate these laboratories.

Inspection tours will hold at various food markets and institutions in Makkah to improve the food safety system. During these tours, they will quickly conduct tests and take samples for immediate analysis. Zeitouni emphasized the significance of mobile labs in sub-municipalities and associated municipalities for determining food quality and direct cases of suspected food poisoning. Zeitouni says that these labs will help the food safety infrastructure by reducing the time and effort required to check food samples and ensure their safety during the Hajj and Umrah seasons.

Zeitouni emphasized the unwavering efforts made by Makkah Municipality to provide all means of safety and food security in order to ensure pilgrim safety, especially when the number of pilgrims returns to pre-pandemic levels. He said that they are carrying out several studies to make sure that pilgrims are safe. In order to find and fix any problems as quickly as possible, inspection teams are working around the clock to get samples from all restaurants and food service providers.

Zeitouni said that people who violate the regulations during the inspection tours would get warnings and fines immediately. He also said that inspection teams might close places if they find problems affecting worshippers’ health and safety. In addition to spotting violations, the tours will give shop and restaurant owners a chance to hear suggestions. During the excursions, they will inform the owners how to store things so they don’t overexpose them to the sun. They will also stress the importance of following health rules when storing these things and using the highest health standards for food quality.


The Makkah Municipality’s efforts to create mobile testing labs for pilgrims’ food quality assurance are laudable because it protects millions of people’s health and safety. With an increasing number of pilgrims performing the Hajj each year, they must take precautions to reduce the spread of sickness and other health risks. The Makkah Municipality is setting a high standard for other cities and organizations to follow by prioritizing pilgrims’ health and well-being.

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