February 22, 2024
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Sennheiser introduces HD 490 Pro studio headphones in UAE

New lineup ideal for modern music production

Renowned audio specialist Sennheiser has launched the HD 490 Pro and HD 490 Pro Plus studio headphones, offering advanced features for producers, mixing engineers, and musicians.

The headphones debuted at the NAMM Show held in Anaheim, California (January 25-28, 2024).

Jimmy Landry, Category Market Manager for MI at Sennheiser, said the HD 490 Pro range addresses the challenges posed by complex mixes, crowded frequencies, and evolving industry standards.

Engineered for critical listening, the HD 490 Pro boasts a wide sound stage and ultralight voice coils for authentic sound reproduction.

The open-mesh ear cup covers feature Sennheiser’s Open-frame Architecture, minimising resonances and distortion. Gunnar Dirks, Sennheiser Product Manager, highlighted the headphones’ ability to identify and resolve placement issues, ensuring precise mixes and refined masters.

User comfort

Sennheiser habitually prioritises user comfort, drawing on decades of headset design expertise. The lightweight, ergonomic design of the HD 490 Pro lineup eliminates pressure points, and a patented axes geometry ensures optimal adaptation to the user’s head shape. Two sets of washable ear pads (velour for producing, fabric for mixing) provide a tailored sound experience.

HD 490
The HD 490 Pro is priced at AED1,503 in the UAE, and the HD 490 Pro Plus for AED1,803. Image: Sennheiser

HD 490 Pro users receive a free licence for the dearVR MIX-SE plugin from Dear Reality, transforming their DAW into a virtual mixing environment. The plugin replicates ideal mixing studio acoustics, placing users in the sweet spot and ensuring balanced mixes across different systems.

The meticulous design of the HD 490 Pro range extends to accessories, with a flexible headphone cable, visible left/proper designations, and braille information for the visually impaired.

The HD 490 Pro Plus variant includes accessories like a 3m cable, transport case, and extra fabric headband pad.

The HD 490 Pro’s technical specifications include an open acoustic principle, circumoral ear coupling, and a dynamic transducer with a 38mm diameter. The headphones deliver a frequency response of 5-36,000Hz, a sensitivity of 105dB SPL, and an impedance of 130 ohms.

“If you are looking for studio headphones that give you the transparency and excellent localisation needed for crafting outstanding mixes, the HD 490 Pro range is your choice,” said Landry.

The HD 490 Pro is priced at AED1,503 in the UAE market, while the HD 490 Pro Plus is available for AED1,803.

Featured image: The lightweight, ergonomic design of the HD 490 Pro lineup eliminates pressure points. Image: Sennheiser

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