March 5, 2024

Sennheiser’s ACCENTUM Wireless Makes Its Debut in the Middle East

Sennheiser is pleased to announce the release of their newest noise-cancelling headphones, the ACCENTUM Wireless, in the Middle East. The ACCENTUM Wireless, which made its debut on September 26, 2023, will now be accessible for the first time in the Middle Eastern market, allowing this state-of-the-art technology to reach a whole new market. Personal audio devices have advanced significantly with the release of the ACCENTUM Wireless. Its carefully considered design offers an unmatched blend of outstanding comfort, robustness, and sound quality. The gadget redefines the standard for headphone performance and is an advancement in the audio technology sector.

With the 4-button control on these headphones, users can easily adjust the volume, switch between tracks, and handle calls without having to pick up their phone. Additionally, customers may customise their audio experience with the ACCENTUM Wireless thanks to its customisable sound settings. These headphones offer a customised and immersive sound experience whether you’re making phone calls, watching a movie, or listening to music. The remarkable battery life of the ACCENTUM Wireless is one of its best qualities. With a staggering 50 hours of playback, these headphones are ideal for lengthy music sessions or lengthy travels. This feature distinguishes ACCENTUM Wireless from its rivals and offers consumers a dependable and long-lasting audio solution. The headphones also feature adaptive noise cancellation and a manual anti-wind mode. The ACCENTUM Wireless produces crystal-clear, high-quality music even in turbulent or noisy settings, which makes it ideal for outdoor use or travel.

For Sennheiser, the introduction of ACCENTUM Wireless in the Middle East represents a critical turning point in their ongoing success in the worldwide audio technology industry. It is anticipated that the device will be well-received in the Middle East market given its exceptional features and competitive price point. The introduction of this product further solidifies Sennheiser’s standing as a leader in advanced audio technology and creative hearing care solutions.

Price & Availability

With its innovative design and exceptional functionality, the ACCENTUM Wireless is reasonably priced at AED 729. Sennheiser is committed to providing high-quality products at a range of price points so that everyone can afford outstanding audio technology. There are two fashionable colours for the headphones: black and white. They are a stylish addition that goes well with any outfit in addition to being an essential instrument for listening to music thanks to their elegant design and excellent construction.

For more information about ACCENTUM Wireless, please visit Sennheiser.

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