May 26, 2024

Several Thousand Volunteers from the UAE all Pitch in to Show their Support for Turkey

Thousand of volunteers from the UAE come together to aid victims of the Earthquake in Turkey and Syria. The Earthquake which hit Turkey in the town of Gaziantep on the 6th of February 2023 was a 7.8 magnitude and resulted in numerous aftershocks making it one of the deadliest earthquakes in every given year. The UAE has sent earthquake humanitarian aid in supplies and human resources to mitigate the effect of the Earthquake.

What are the Details of the Earthquake Relief Efforts of the UAE

Since the Earthquake, the UAE has continued to show its commitment to providing humanitarian aid to Turkey. The country first took steps through the mechanism of the International Humanitarian City to institute its earthquake relief efforts by organizing the transportation of relief supplies, medical items, and, more importantly, volunteers to support the search and rescue ongoing in Turkey and Syria. 

The crown prince of the UAE, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, has declared his stance for the people of Turkey and Syria. He has rightly stated that the country is working closely with other humanitarian organizations to provide prompt aid to the victims of the Earthquake in Turkey and Syria. He pledged to use the Emirate’s experience to support the region’s ongoing recovery and rescue efforts.

Thousands of volunteers decided to partake in the earthquake relief efforts by packing supplies for survivors and offering whatever services were needed to proffer aid. The government initially designed a volunteers’ app for people interested in signing up for the volunteers’ program tagged ‘Bridges of Giving.’

 The program also made provisions for young volunteers as it had a space set up for the British International School Abu Dhabi students to design and send out postcards showing love and encouragement for victims of the Earthquake. Further proving that the UAE was not only in touch with the physical aspect of things but also resonated with the psychological.

With many volunteers, the Emirate quickly devised the structure of having a maximum of 10-15 people work on each line equaling 50 boxes. Volunteers arrive in their numbers very early in the morning, after which they are promptly assigned to various workstations. Turkey’s ambassador to the UAE, Tugay Tuncer, lauded the UAE’s efforts describing it as an emotional support that has made Turkey feel important.


The UAE has a reputation for always stepping up to the task of humanitarian aid for its peer countries, and Turkey is not any different. In the past, the government has sent aid to Lebanon following the Port of Beirut blasts. In 2021, the UAE sent relief efforts to India to quell the rapid spread of Covid-19. Indeed, the country is committed not only to its well-being but to the welfare and good of others. One can only describe its efforts as nothing short of commendable.

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