April 15, 2024
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Shipsy shows how to deliver it right with proven smart logistics management technology

With a mission to make every delivery quicker, greener, and profitable, Shipsy – the smart logistics management technology company – is not only living up to its customers’ expectations in the Middle East region, but also empowering them to rapidly and consistently scale up operations following the pandemic, which drastically changed the global logistics and supply chain industry and overwhelmingly directed consumers’ purchasing preferences to gravitate online.

In an exclusive interview with MENews247 at GITEX Global 2022 (October 10-14) in Dubai, Mohamed Reza, Vice-President (Marketing), Shipsy, said while companies in the region, in particular, in the GCC region, are able to rapidly move goods across regional borders thanks to the excellent air, land and sea infrastructure and ease of customs’ formalities, they are increasingly focusing on sustainable logistics and supply chain operations in view of climate change, with an eye also on optimising costs.

Shipsy booth at GITEX Global 2022 in Dubai. Credit: Arnold Pinto

With Shipsy’s AI-powered end-to-end global logistics management platform and mobility suite powering international to hyperlocal movement of goods for 200+ trade and logistics companies across the world, Reza emphasised that “Shipsy works with its customers as partners, and not vendors”, adding that when the customers accrue success in their business, Shipsy also reaps the success benefit; “making for a win-win scenario”.

Elaborating on the trends currently sweeping through the regional logistics and supply chain sector Reza noted that companies are hastening steps and measures to be more sustainable in their shipment operations by embracing green technologies to reduce their carbon footprint; be it in the use of electric, hybrid and low carbon emission vehicles, or determining the shortest land, air, or sea route for their goods to reach markets.

In this regard, Shipsy’s intuitive SaaS platform enables companies to monitor the carbon emissions of their shipments even before the shipping journey begins. Armed with this prior perspective, companies can then opt for a verified logistics partner that follows sustainability best practices to execute the shipping operation.

Shipsy enables companies to optimise delivery runs. Credit: Shipsy

Beyond doubt, the pandemic has given a substantial boost to e-commerce, compelling companies to not only deliver goods to consumers in a very short period, but also placing the onus on companies to deliver sustainably, and at cost efficiencies, said Reza. Taking all these concerns into consideration, Shipsy’s platform is the right solution, stated Reza.

As a prime enabler of digital transformation across the entire logistics value chain, Shipsy’s platform is capable of offering customers 40% freight cost savings, 18% reduction in return to origin, 30% increase in order pickup within 24 hours, 28% increase in on-time deliveries, and 14% reduce in last-mile costs.

More than 200 companies worldwide rely on Shipsy’s smart logistics management platform, Credit: Shipsy

According to Reza, a key feature of the Shipsy platform is its in-built ability to integrate with and into a customer’s ERP or OMS system, and by virtue of “being agile, is quickly and easily configurable to suit a customer’s specific needs”, with go-live occurring in two weeks’ time.

“This short timeframe is very good for customers as they can quickly see and appreciate the benefit and real value of the Shipsy platform in a very short period, and they do not have to wait for months to be able to do so,” said Reza.

Shipsy, with offices in India and Dubai, was a key SaaS exhibitor at GITEX Global 2022, held at Dubai World Trade Centre, and where the company presented its cutting-edge logistics and supply chain solutions platform designed to empower logistics multi-stakeholders overcome e-commerce and retail supply chain challenges while actively achieving operational excellence, sustainability goals and cost savings.

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