May 20, 2024
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FEB 24 2023, Dubai, UAE – Social Distrikt is proud to announce its culinary partnership with WAWA Dining by bringing an all-new experience to the popular concept. WAWA Dining, a Dubai-based experimental kitchen and dining venue, has expanded into six brands from casual dining to luxury scale fine-dining and bars, with a focus on cultural experiences. As its new culinary partner, WAWA Dining will curate certain WAWA Food Brands at the  Social Distrikt venue,  including JAKO Ramen, Volcan Sushi, and SEOUL Tapas YASIK, as well as future established Social Distrikt venues set to launch locally and internationally.

Social Distrikt, a one-stop destination for replenishing dining experiences, aims to create a unique socializing and dining experience for people from all walks of life while catering to a global palette for the diverse city of Dubai. With the addition of WAWA Dining, Social Distrikt will elevate its offerings by providing guests with innovative contemporary Japanese-Korean culinary experiences.

With its experimental approach to dining, WAWA Dining promises to bring exciting new flavors to Social Distrikt guests. The new collaboration is expected to be in all of future Social Distrikt venues.

Hassan Ballout, co-founder of Limestone Lab shares “Social Distrikt is not just a food hall, it’s a place where people come to connect and enjoy good food, drinks, and entertainment in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. We’re thrilled to be partnering with WAWA Dining, a company that shares our passion for offering unique and memorable dining experiences. Their experimental approach to food and focus on cultural traditions aligns perfectly with our vision for Social Distrikt being a platform that fuels scalability for hero brands.”

Mr.Sean Lim, Founder of WAWA Dining “WAWA Dining is a remarkable culinary brand that offers six distinct brands, ranging from casual dining to upscale fine-dining and bars such as Ba:TE & JUMAK. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional and unforgettable dining experiences, driven by our passion for creativity and innovation. Our unique approach to culinary arts, combined with an emphasis on cultural influences, results in a menu that is both distinctive and memorable.

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