SunMoney Solar Group's Chief Networking Officer
July 14, 2024

SunMoney Solar Group’s Chief Networking Officer

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, February 22nd 2023: SunMoney Solar Group, which runs the world’s largest community solar power program, is proud to announce that their Chief Networking Officer, Peter Bahorecz, was a key speaker at the World ESG Summit 2023, currently being held in Dubai till 23rd February. This prestigious event is an incredible platform for industrialists, investors, governmental and non-governmental organizations, customers, and ESG enthusiasts wherein they can connect and participate in pro-active discussions emphasising over the overall ESG Master Plan. Peter Bahorecz is one of the key speakers who addressed the pressing climate change crises, discussed effective ways that can have a quantitative as well as qualitative impact in the fight towards reducing our carbon footprint and threw light upon the initiatives that SunMoney is implementing towards the same.
Peter Bahorecz talked about the ESG initiatives that SunMoney Solar Group has been taking, including value-backed asset tokens in the clean energy space. He spoke about how SunMoney has recently opened applications for its own value-producing asset-backed cryptocurrency token, the SDBN2 token, after successfully selling all the SDBN1 tokens introduced earlier. The SDBN2 token is a digital currency that is based on the Smart Digital Business Network (SDBN), an investment vehicle which was designed for businesses and individuals that wish to transition to solar energy by providing a secure form of funding for solar-powered businesses. This will go a long way in establishing solar power projects in multiple communities across the globe. These green investments would help create jobs as well as reduce carbon emissions significantly while leading an economically and environmentally sustainable lifestyle.
At the ESG Summit, Peter Bahorecz, Chief Networking Officer, SunMoney Solar Group engaged in conversations to identify the most effective ESG strategies with global market leaders and discussed potential industry collaborations that will accelerate the transition towards a low-carbon global economy. He said, “Our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology leverages and strengthens our community’s capability to generate maximum returns from the sun’s energy. For those looking to invest in a durable, real-world asset with enduring value, the SDBN2 token provides an unparalleled opportunity. Investing in this fund provides a unique, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for investors to invest and thrive alongside the solar revolution. Not only will they benefit from the growth of these businesses, but also generate a steady financial return on their investments.” He was excited to meet ESG investors who share SunMoney’s passion for sustainability and are willing to come together to create an inclusive ESG ecosystem.

In the Middle East, several governments and leaders are taking meaningful, robust strides towards combatting climate change. However, there must be significantly greater investment in renewable energy sources, strategies, and projects on a community level to be able to adapt to the changing weather patterns while leading a more carbon-conscious lifestyle. 

ESG Summit 2023 is the perfect platform to set these goals, and to actively discuss the solution-oriented approach required for a successful energy transition. Peter Bahorecz’s  participation at ESG Summit 2023 reaffirms SunMoney Solar Group’s commitment to contribute positively towards building a sustainable future by creating impactful ESG initiatives. Recently, Zoltan Rendes, Partner and Chief Marketing Officer of SunMoney was invited to attend the anniversary of the European Climate Pact by the European Commission. Zoltan, as a European Climate Ambassador, had the chance to discuss climate action topics with fellow ambassadors from all over the world in Brussels and also met with Frans Timmermans, the Executive Vice-President of the European Commission. SunMoney is committed to playing an active role in the global energy transition, and ESG Summit 2023 will provide a platform to further this cause.

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