Wilo shares insights on Non-conventional Water Resources
July 16, 2024

Wilo shares insights on Non-conventional Water Resources

February 22, 2023

Wilo Middle East, the leading pump manufacturer and digital pioneer of the pumps industry, shared insights on Non-conventional Water Resources (NCWR) and highlighted the company’s range of smart solutions at the Arab Water Convention 2023. Wilo participated in the event as an Associate Partner and discussed the importance of alternative water resources, as part of the rising water crisis. The convention was held on February 20 and 21, 2023, at the Ritz-Carlton Dubai International Financial Centre, UAE.

During its participation, Wilo showcased its latest smart pumps & systems solutions including the Wilo-SiBoost Smart Helix EXCEL, and enlightened industry professionals about the benefits and impact of efficient pump systems in water management. As part of its strategy to target government bodies, the solutions provider connected and interacted with government representatives, inter-governmental organisations, financial institutions, as well as private sector and civil society representatives.

This was required in order to encourage a multi-stakeholder dialogue that accelerates climate actions in the water sector through the implementation of NCWR projects, and achieve sustainable development, lower poverty, and enhance the standard of living for all Arab nations. Yasser Nagi, Managing Director UAE and Egypt, and Group Director MENA, along with Monica Hermes, Group Vice President of Government and Public Affairs, and Fouad Ahmed, Regional Marketing Manager and Government and Public Affairs Manager MENA, had attended the conference.

Yasser Nagi, Managing Director of Wilo UAE and Egypt, said: “It was an honour to have participated in the Arab Water Convention 2023 as an Associate Partner. As one of the leading water management solution providers, we were given the opportunity to show our commitment to promoting new and innovative solutions in the sector. We have always placed the highest priority on effective water management and have broken down our goals into more manageable components to better address the growing challenges.”

“In regards to NCWR, alternative water resources include desalinated water, treated industrial and domestic wastewater, agricultural drainage water, brackish groundwater, and water obtained from water harvesting, all of which require special treatment to be safe to use. Furthermore, there is a high risk of leakage when transporting water in densely populated rural areas. Due to its premium components and a switchgear that supports leakage detection via an optional communication interface, the Wilo-SiBoost Smart Helix EXCEL solution lowers overall power consumption, thereby reducing operating costs. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to present this solution at the event, in order to educate businesses on the importance of safe water and the need for smart pump solutions to address the rising water crisis,” he added.

The world’s limited water supplies are under stress as a result of rising demand brought on by population growth and associated requirements. The Arab Water Convention sought to address this situation, as well as the effects of climate change on water scarcity. Through its participation, Wilo reinforced its commitment to the industry by offering its range of innovative solutions and promoting NCWR to tackle the rising water crisis.

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