February 26, 2024


Beginning February 1, 2024, shopping at Fidenza Village is even more advantageous for non-European Union residents. The new Tax-Free shopping policy lowers the minimum spend for VAT exemption or refund to 70 euros, down from the previous 154.94 euros. This change is part of the 2024 Budget Law, enacted by the Italian Government to boost tourism and encourage spending by non-EU consumers.

This VAT discount applies to all items over 70 euros meant for personal or family use, taken out of the EU customs area in personal luggage. The scheme also includes citizens from Switzerland and the United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland). Customers have three months post-purchase to transport their goods outside the European Community, as indicated on the electronic invoice.

Instant Tax-Free Kiosks at Fidenza Village

Fidenza Village offers an instant Tax-Free Kiosk service by Global Blue and Planet for non-European guests. Located in The Concierge area, this service allows for an immediate VAT refund, saving time at the airport.

This service is available for all purchases above 70 euros in the Village boutiques.

To request a VAT refund, the buyer’s name (as it appears on the passport), address, and passport number must be provided. Refunds are processed immediately at the Global Blue and Planet kiosks in The Concierge area.

Alternatively, Tax Refunds can be requested at the airport upon departure. This requires submitting refund forms, receipts, passports, and purchased items at the customs office for validation. The VAT amount is then refunded to the credit card or in cash.

The new Tax-Free shopping limit of 70 euros, effective February 1, 2024, allows Fidenza Village’s international guests to enjoy up to 13.5% savings on their preferred brands, enhancing their shopping experience.

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