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Technology advancements aid Orient Finance’s trading activities grow by over 70 per cent

May 22, 2023

Orient Finance, a trusted global investment partner in the UAE, recorded a 70 per cent growth in financial trading activities that resulted from major technological improvements. With a 24/5 local customer support and innovative third-party trading tools, Orient Finance was able to empower its customers with well-informed investment opportunities round the clock.

The latest technological upgrades resulted from Orient Finance’s mission to embrace innovation and use technology to drive positive changes, especially as it continues to evolve and disrupt traditional financial practices. With a vision to reshape the financial landscape, the company has been at the forefront of this transformative journey by harnessing the power of advanced technologies and offering cutting-edge solutions and customer-centric services. The growth can also be attributed to strategic partnerships, research and development, and a thorough understanding of the local know-how, all of which have helped Orient Finance shape the future of the financial industry in the Middle East.

Seraj Asad Khan, Managing Director of Orient Finance, said: “Since inception, the foundation of our business has been our commitment to our customers. The latest advancements in trading activities are proof of both the success of our customer-centric approach to the market, as well as our ambition to challenge and revolutionise traditional trading methods. In light of this success, we will continue to drive the adoption of advanced technology and tools that will promise customers a new-age, customer-friendly, and technologically advanced solutions.”

The Middle East is witnessing a remarkable shift in the financial services landscape, driven by technological advancements and changing consumer demands. By embracing technology, using data and analytics to offer a seamless trading experience, and staying committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences, Orient Finance continues to maintain its market position the most trusted global investment partner in the UAE since 1994.

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