September 27, 2023

Theme song music played 13,000ft high to celebrate release of an action movie

Reminiscent of a believe-it-or-not-or-not scenario five musicians, who are also skilled skydivers, have jumped out of a propeller-powered aircraft high above Abu Dhabi emirate in the UAE to play the Mission: Impossible theme song music on musical instruments while freefalling 13,000 feet through the air.

Etihad Airways and Paramount Pictures organised the aerial stunt – a first for the Middle East and Africa region – to celebrate the global launch of the action-packed movie Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One.

Abu Dhabi-headquartered Etihad Airways is the official airline partner of Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One.

The Emirati national airline has now unveiled a video of the unique aerial stunt featuring the five skydivers attired in Etihad Airways’ cabin crew uniforms, including behind-the-scenes footage of the music feat.

The video was produced in association with the airline’s advertising agency Impact BBDO.

Weeks of practice

The handpicked skydivers took weeks of practice, on the ground and in the air, to perfect playing their part of the Mission: Impossible theme song on their respective musical instruments while freefalling to earth at a velocity of 193kmph.

Skydiver violinist in the sky above Abu Dhabi. Image: Etihad Airways
Skydiver violinist in the sky above Abu Dhabi. Image: Etihad Airways

The musical instruments, consisting of two guitars, a drum board, and a violin, were customised to ensure the skydivers could safely play music on their instruments in the air, while also then being able to pull their parachute cords for their lifesaving canopy to deploy in time for a safe descent to the ground.

It took several jumps for a professional skydiving cinematographer to film each of the aerial musicians in action separately, including a skydiver who adopted the role of an orchestra leader, in addition to several aerial retakes for group shots.

Showing in cinemas

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One is currently showing in cinemas across the globe.

Several parts of the movie, written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie, were filmed at Abu Dhabi International Airport’s Midfield Terminal, with one of the most thrilling and technically complex action scenes taking place on the terminal building’s 315-metre long roof.

The five musician skydivers prep to jump off their aircraft. Image: Etihad Airways

Meanwhile, throughout August, passengers flying in Etihad Airways’ First and Business classes receive a cinema-style movie snacks menu and themed mocktails with names such as Mission Accomplished, Undercover Sipper, Secret Agent, and Thyme’s Up.

All Etihad Airways passengers travelling on the carrier’s flights from Abu Dhabi and other global cities also get to watch six of the Mission: Impossible movies, including behind-the-scenes content of Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One, onboard.

Arnold Pinto

Arnold Pinto

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