February 23, 2024

UAE airlines are increasing workers’ salaries and benefits while offering cheaper services

UAE airlines are increasing workers’ salaries and benefits while offering cheaper services :

UAE airlines are increasing workers’ salaries and benefits while offering cheaper services

The United Arab Emirates airlines seek to improve employee salaries and benefits. Earlier this year, the country expressed wishes to implement a 4% increase in workers’ wages. The increased pay is also a means to increase the number of workers as airline employees continue to decline.

Specifics of the Increased Benefits

Due to the recent spike in tourism and the development happening in the region, there has been an increased demand for aviation services which, unfortunately, the region seems unable to meet. As a result, UAE airlines have embarked on a hiring spree to recruit pilots and other aviation workers. This spree can be directly linked to the shortage of pilots due to layoffs, retirements, and a reduction in newly certified pilots. If operational decisions are not made, the Middle East can expect a massive decline in pilots at the end of the year, mainly when there is a spike in air travel.

The proposed salary packages for pilots are incredibly robust, with a basic salary weighing over USD 11,000 and a total housing allowance. The intent behind these packages is not only to increase employment rates but also to make it difficult for international poaching. If these trends continue, airlines may begin to develop pilot training programs to promote a steady supply of human capital. Furthermore, the UAE employment benefits are not limited to citizens as the country also has plans to employ aviation workers from other countries who have been unable to get a job.

What are the Implications of UAE’s Decision

UAE airlines would not decide to increase their wages and benefits if they did not come with positive effects. For one, it is the fastest way to recruit workers into the field and eliminate the current shortage. It is also a win-win for both employers and employees as the former gets increased benefits, and the latter has access to more workers.

However, that is not to say that there are not some accompanying adverse effects that may stem from the UAE’s decision to recruit pilots and other aviation workers based on an increased salary quota. Firstly, piloting requires a high degree of professionalism; with the desperation to hire on the part of these airlines, there is a likely chance that they may not get the best of the bunch. Airlines in the Middle East were among the few to experience pilot shortages. This shortage increases the possibility of inexperienced hands filling the vacuum, which is bad for business.


The UAE has always had its fair share of tourists, and many areas in the region rapidly climb the ladder to becoming the world’s tourist spot. The delicacy of the tourism industry necessitates the need for aviation services. So far, the UAE has been strategic in its plans to restock employees and pilots. However, these airlines concerned would have to be vigilant to ensure that the right hands are employed, and the long-term employment goal is fulfilled.

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