June 13, 2024

The UAE and the Persian Gulf are to Experience New Political and Economic Changes with Softening Tensions between both Regions

Political and Economic Changes in the UAE and the Persian Gulf. The United Arab Emirates President met with the Foreign Minister of Iran on the 22nd of June 2023 to discuss decreasing tensions between the Arab Gulf countries and the Islamic Republic. Both territories found common ground in that the tensions between their regions were significantly improving, and there remains talk on how to keep such momentum and even increase it.

What are the Details of the Tension between the UAE and the Persian Gulf

There have always remained tensions between the UAE and the Persian Gulf because of the suspicions that accompanied Iran’s possession of nuclear programs and occupation of its territory by several militant groups. However, it may seem like the trajectory may be headed for a significant change n recent times, with Iran particularly staunch on building positive development areas for the benefit of its people and further enhancing the stability and prosperity of the region. In the meeting between the president of the UAE and Iran’s minister of foreign affairs, discussions ensued about further cooperation in different fields, including the tension of an invitation to the UAE president for visitation to Iran and vice versa.

The UAE has always had strained relationships with the Gulf States of Iran. In May, the Emirate announced that it was pulling out from a maritime security force led by the United States due to heightened tensions between the US and the Persian Gulf states, particularly after two commercial tankers close to the Emirates were seized by Iran. The decision was made because the emirates felt a level of threat from the Persian Gulf state and the repeated undertones of threat that both countries felt towards themselves. Fortunately, it would seem that the tensions between the UAE and the Persian Gulf are softening significantly, with both sides seemingly ready for some change and cooperation – no matter how little.

What are the Effects of the New Development in both Regions

The essence of the softening tensions between the UAE and the Persian Gulf is to undoubtedly have numerous political and economic changes in the UAE and the latter. Unfortunately, despite the proximity of both regions, they have been engaged in some cold war for a while now. As expected, this has had economic restrictions and political burdens on their respective parts and their allies. A coalition between the UAE and the Persian Gulf will open many doors o trade opportunities, a military alliance, and even a chance to exchange ideas and technology to further development.


At this stage, what is visible on the part of both countries is their willingness to put aside petty differences and collaborate in much-needed areas. However, if truth be told, both parties are working on thin ice, and a little misstep can break such ice. The UAE has been careful to initial standard procedures and promises and set up meetings for collaboration and agreement. One can only hope that this is enough to eradicate the simmering tensions between the countries.

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