March 5, 2024

The UAE and US Governments Meet to Discuss the Strengthening of Military Ties

The UAE and US Governments Meet to Discuss the Strengthening of Military Ties :

The UAE and US Governments Meet to Discuss the Strengthening of Military Ties

Rear Admiral Sheikh Saeed bin Hamdan, commander of the UAE Naval forces, and Vice Admiral Brad Cooper, Central commander of the US Naval forces, recently had a rendezvous to discuss and affirm the military ties between the UAE and US. This meeting comes after long-standing relations between both countries.

Details of the Joint Military Efforts

The long-standing military relationship between the UAE and US has always existed to pursue the goal of creating a secure and stable Middle East. This goal necessitates collaboration between countries in border security, cybersecurity, maritime security, and counterterrorism. The countries have made efforts in the past to defeat terrorist groups like ISIS and al-Qa’ida.

The military relationship also aims to protect the US foreign interests and security. Likewise, the partnership has proven beneficial to the UAE as its military capacities have improved significantly. The improvement began after the United States passed a congressional review for the sale of military equipment and other advanced defence systems to UAE two years ago. This sale is to advance the UAE’s goal further to enhance security in the Middle East.

What are the Likely Implications of the Military Ties?

The military cooperation between the UAE and US can be traced to the Formal Defense Cooperation Agreement signed by both countries in 1994. The agreement aimed to allow for collaborative training, exercises, and the transfer of weapon systems into the UAE. This Cooperation Agreement was updated in 2019, and the UAE still leads the Middle East as a full-time participant in military activities in the US.

Perhaps a fore implication of the military ties between both countries is the strengthening of security in the Middle East which is known for its fair share of insecurity. UAE collaboration with the US can help stabilize the security contingencies in the region, leading to stability and reducing the number of terrorist attacks.

The Export and Border Security aid provided by the US to the UAE will similarly promote safe cross-border transactions and accelerate economic growth and relations. Some implications of this partnership are also the building of strategic planning and force development by the UAE. The country’s military forces have greatly enhanced regional priorities, force structure, and professional military conduct.

To keep pace with its military ties, the UAE would have to put more effort into its strategic planning and research. These steps would engender a balanced partnership and encourage mutual benefits for each side.


While commendable and remarkedly encouraging, the effects of the military ties between the UAE and the US run more profound than mere security and support of military power on both parts. It is also a testament to the Emirate’s objective to be a model nation to others, particularly in the Middle East. The country has always strived to present itself as a leader to others; this is no exception. One can only anticipate the new heights to be reached because of the strengthened military ties.

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