April 16, 2024
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Defender unveils its new TikTok account with UK music star Kano

Defender, the revered British 4×4 brand, has launched its official TikTok account with pioneering British rapper, songwriter, and actor Kano, who will also provide the initial soundtrack for the new account.

The new Defender TikTok account aims to inspire Defender clients – known to have a great passion for music – through innovative collaborations with renowned artists such as Kano.

The debut tie-up features the ground-breaking artist alongside the Defender 90, showcasing its purposeful design and unmistakable reductive silhouette.

Sold in 121 countries, the Defender brand is the modern-day representation of the legendary Land Rover brand, best known for its off-road prowess across the globe for the past 75 years.

Belonging to the JLR house of brands alongside Range Rover, Discovery, and Jaguar, the Defender is designed and engineered in the UK.

‘Defender is an icon’

Kano said: “Defender is an icon that can trace its roots back to the beginning of a genre it now defines. As a musician, I aim to be as real as possible and innovate in a similar way so I can relate to that journey.

“What’s more, Defender is more relevant today than ever and is completely unmistakable – which is the kind of aesthetic I strive for in my music.”

With the launch of its new TikTok account, the Defender brand is forming a new digital community that includes Defender owners.

The Defender TikTok account is expected to inspire and connect with a new group of people with content created just for them.

‘Powerful emotions’

Mark Cameron, Managing Director for Defender, said: “Defender and music can unlock powerful emotions, inspiring whole communities to go their way, break new ground and embrace all kinds of adventures.

“Launching our new [TikTok] account with Kano – a pioneer who has helped shape UK music and is a role model in that industry – is a fitting way for the Defender brand to make its TikTok debut.”

The Defender traces its roots back to the original 1948 Land Rover and has evolved to become one of the world’s most capable and recognisable 4x4s.

All Defenders feature JLR’s award-winning Pivi Pro infotainment, controlled via an intuitive dash-mounted 11.4-inch touchscreen.

The Defender series is available in 90, 110 and 130 body styles.

The Defender 110 is an electric hybrid, while the Defender Hard Top comes with 90 and 110 body styles.

Follow the Defender brand on TikTok here: www.tiktok.com/@defender

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