February 25, 2024

Du And Huawei Sign An Agreement For The 5.5G Initiative

In a world where technology never stops evolving, the UAE is proving to be a true pioneer. While other countries are still trying to catch up with the latest 5G technology, the UAE is already making strides toward paving the way for 6G. The UAE is actively working toward introducing the 6G network by 2030.

Du And Huawei

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Sunday, Du from EITC and Huawei signed an MoU. The MoU was mostly about 5.5G strategic cooperation, which was a new step in their relationship. Through the deal, the two companies will work together to improve their cooperation in 5.5G innovation, which includes technological innovation and the evolution of E2E networks. This partnership will help Du improve the user experience and be the first company in the UAE to develop 5.5G technology.

Du is one of the UAE’s fastest-growing telecommunications companies industry. It has a strong partnership with Huawei and has done well in developing 5G networks and services. With the MoU, Du and Huawei will work together on 5.5G in three different areas. In terms of innovation, they will focus on key technologies like extremely large antenna array-massive Mimo (ELAA-MM), passive IoT, and large virtual carriers. They will also talk about the roadmap for the evolution of E2E network.

In application exploration, they will research new scenarios and identify potential local applications like metaverse, holographic meeting, and XR. They will also work with industry partners in their own country and around the world to build a good 5.5G ecosystem and encourage multilateral business success in ecosystem building. Saleem Al Blooshi, Du’s chief technology officer, says that they are committed to working with global industry leaders to come up with new solutions that keep them at the forefront of digital innovation.

According to Al Blooshi, their partnership with Huawei aligns with the UAE’s Metaverse strategy and enables them to achieve their goal of bringing 5.5G technology to commercial use. By working together, they can give their users XR experiences that are both immersive and reliable. He also said their goal is to make an ecosystem where people can use the unique features of 5.5G technology in every part of life. Among these features are better connectivity, faster speeds, full-scenario IoT, and wide coverage.

Cao Ming, the president of Huawei’s Wireless Network Product Line, welcomed the deal with du, stating that it would improve the network experience and help build a digital and intelligent world. He emphasized their commitment to long-term strategic cooperation with leading operators, aiming to provide innovative solutions based on user requirements. They plan to work with du on 5.5G innovation, research and promote 5.5G technologies, and commercialize high-value use cases based on local UAE scenarios to improve network experience and build a digital and smart world.


The UAE is at the forefront of technological progress because of its creative projects and agreements. Through collaborations with leading global companies and research institutions, the UAE invests heavily in developing the infrastructure and technology required to make 6G a reality. By embracing innovation, collaboration, and a bold vision for the future, the UAE is making strides toward building a smarter, more connected, and more prosperous world for generations to come.

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