February 23, 2024
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Dubai Recruitment Firm Introduces Program to Hire Employees in the Metaverse

Dubai Recruitment Firm Introduces Program to Hire Employees in the Metaverse :

Dubai Recruitment Firm Introduces Program to Hire Employees in the Metaverse

The top recruitment agency, Marc Ellis, is well on becoming the first recruitment firm to introduce a recruitment and training program that directly hires employees into the Metaverse. The decision by the firm is according to the recommended Metaverse Strategy pioneered by Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, who is the Crown Prince of Dubai. The Metaverse Strategy projects 40,000 jobs in Dubai in five years.

Details of the Dubai Employment Program

Marc Ellis, a recruitment and training firm, recently introduced an employment program that assists employers in hiring applicants using the Metaverse. The program’s main aim is to assist in developing hiring strategies and harnessing the pool of Metaverse users to generate more jobs in the UAE. The company projects the creation of online offices to facilitate virtual interviews with the help of Virtual Reality tools for effective operations. Marc Ellis has begun its Research and Development process and has already constructed a fully equipped virtual office space to bring the program to reality.

Marc Ellis also promises some essential features for employees seeking opportunities within the space. For one, it will provide job descriptions of every position for hire to make it easier for candidates to view them and apply to the company of their choice. Candidates can also participate in training sessions from any part of the world. The recruitment program puts confidentiality and privacy issues to rest as it introduces blockchain technology to guarantee privacy through the process of hire.

The company foresees that Metaverse users will migrate more into the digital space in search of jobs in ways that are interactive, cost-effective, and offers a pool of resources. As Marc Ellis Director Aws Ismail stated, the organization launched the program because it understands the opportunities for recruitment present in the Metaverse and the need to harness such opportunities by supporting the hiring necessitates of the space.

Looking Forward: Numerous Estimated Gains Of The Program

The Metaverse recruitment programs present several benefits for employees and employers alike. The program suits enterprises and corporations, including private and government-owned firms. The company hopes to support the Metaverse Strategy by creating jobs within the UAE and encouraging economic growth. It also aims to utilize Metaverse’s over 400 million active users. This pool of employees will grant employers access to a labor market inaccessible with the convention employment system. Additionally, applicants have the front seat to learn about the firm’s culture and workplace experience and interact better with the employers.

In the long run, Marc Ellis wants to completely digitalize job hubs and make them accessible worldwide to qualified personnel.


Although the recruitment program is still at the Research and Development stage and Marc Ellis is yet to kick start it officially, there is no doubt that the agency’s innovation will redefine the system of hiring and getting hired. It will also project the Emirate to digitalization and economic growth forefront. One can only anticipate the numerous dividends of the program.

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