Why the new Oppo Reno10 5G lives up to its high-performance credentials
July 13, 2024
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Why the new Oppo Reno10 5G lives up to its high-performance credentials

Global technology brand, Oppo, has launched the Reno10 5G smartphone in the GCC region.

Priced at AED1,999 in the UAE market and the AED equivalent in the rest of the GCC region, the Reno10 5G is the latest in the Chinese technology brand’s Reno10 smartphone series.

Equipped with the MediaTek Dimension 7050 5G mobile platform, the new Reno10 5G delivers super-powerful computing performance and a faster 5G experience, all, while consuming less power.

Featuring an upgraded ultra-conductive cooling system, the phone can run heavy-load applications without sacrificing comfort or performance.

The Reno10 5G features the dynamic computing engine, Oppo’s system-level optimisation platform developed in collaboration with Google.

This cutting-edge technical solution achieves the most thorough reconstruction of the Android memory management system to date.

The dynamic computing engine delivers a better balance of performance and power consumption while improving the smartphone’s ability to keep multiple apps active in the background.

Together, these improvements ensure a seamless, longer-lasting user experience.

The Reno10 5G features the dynamic computing engine. Image: Oppo
The Reno10 5G features the dynamic computing engine. Image: Oppo

Infrared remote control

The Reno10 5G is now equipped with a super handy infrared remote control for the first time on the Reno10 series.

This innovative feature allows Reno10 5G users to transform their smartphone into a versatile remote control, and allowing them to control various household electrical appliances, like air conditioners and TVs.

The Reno10 5 also features Oppo’s RAM expansion technology, allowing users to temporarily convert unused ROM space into extra RAM.

With an extended RAM capacity of up to 8GB, users can now juggle multiple apps, switching between tasks without any performance lags.

A standout feature of the Reno10 5G is its multi-screen connect capability, which allows seamless connections to other digital devices, including PCs, Oppo Pad Air, or Oppo Pad 2.

The multi-screen connect capability allows clipboard sharing, notification synchronisation, and file transfers, making multitasking across multiple screens effortless.

Meanwhile, the Oppo Enco Air3 Pro can also be connected to two devices simultaneously, so users can save valuable time by not having to constantly disconnect, search for devices, and pair.

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