February 25, 2024

Saudi Arabia Begins Extensive Work on its Vertical City – The Line

Saudi Arabia Begins Extensive Work on its Vertical City – The Line

Saudi Arabia has topped its efforts to birth a sustainable planet Earth by beginning the construction of its vertical city – the Line. The city is one of the many projects the kingdom has initiated in its climate action endeavours to achieve its net zero energy vision by 2030.

What are the Particulars of the Project?

In 2021, Saudi Arabia announced its plan to construct a single-building clean city to house nine million people within the country. The town is to thrive entirely on renewable and clean energy. In its description, the city will be designed with very little to no carbon emissions. Also, cars and other vehicles will be non-existent, with only an effective train to convey residents.

The kingdom wishes the city to operate entirely on renewable energy with ample leeway for nature to thrive. Geographically, the city will run from the Northeast of Saudi Arabia to the Red Sea. It will be essentially two parallel buildings across 120 kilometres of the desert with a series of skyscrapers. The Line will be located in another clean Saudi Arabia city- NEOM. It would have an artificial river, vertical gardens, and several packs as an aesthetic touch. It seems that the Saudi Arabian government aims to build a perfect city down to controlling the light that is streamed through the city using multiple Mirror vision

The country aims that the project will be finished by 2030. Against critics, it has continually maintained that the project aims to revolutionize human living and provide a cleaner alternative to using Earth’s resources. The crown prince of Saudi Arabia strongly believes the project would be a civilizational revolution that prioritizes people while being as ageless as the Egyptian Pyramids.

The company in charge of the NEOM project unveiled a detailed architectural plan for the city consisting of vertical buildings with an underground transport system and other necessary but clean infrastructures that are needed. The city would also be producing most of its food with several vertical farms to satisfy the needs of residents. The government also organized an exhibition for the project, which was recorded as a resounding success.

The city would do without the traditional systems of zoning and classification. According to Tarek Qaddumi, NEOM’s director of urban planning, all services within the town would be in synergy to ensure that living is made easier for residents. This project would include equal access to public spaces, parks, light, and air. The Line will function solely on wind, hydrogen, and solar energy.


As rightly implied by Tarek Quaddumi, the Line is a project that seeks the union of technology and science to birth a new part of Earth unsoiled by pollution and urban sprawl. Like always, Saudi Arabia has sought to be distinct in making the Earth a better place to inhabit. The country has also proven its resilience by shutting its ears to the undermining words of critics. Indeed, the kingdom is threading its path with focus and priority; time will validate the import of this project.

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