April 15, 2024

Saudi Arabia Evacuates Over 150 Saudis And Foreign Nationals From Sudan; Biden Expresses Gratitude

Saudi Arabia Evacuates Over 150 Saudis And Foreign Nationals From Sudan; Biden Expresses Gratitude:

Saudi Arabia has successfully evacuated over 150 civilians from Sudan, where clashes have been ongoing for more than a week. The first ship to leave Sudan safely transported 50 Saudis and some people from allied nations.

Reports suggest that several countries are making arrangements to evacuate a significant number of their citizens from Sudan, despite the continued closure of the country’s primary airport.

Saudi’s Evacuation Efforts In Sudan

The Kingdom’s naval forces have successfully transported international officials, civilians, and diplomats, across the Red Sea from Port Sudan to Jeddah. However, reports indicate that fighting has resumed in Sudan’s capital, Khartoum, after a temporary truce on Friday, the first day of Eid Al-Fitr.

A substantial amount of people have been killed and injured in the ongoing conflict, leaving survivors grappling with scarcities of food and electricity.

A statement from Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Ministry says that dozens of Saudis and people from many other countries, such as Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE, Egypt, Tunisia, etc., have arrived safely. With help from other branches of the military, the Royal Saudi Navy led the operation to evacuate people.

US President Joe Biden thanked the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, and Ethiopia for helping US troops evacuate Khartoum. He did this during his statement urging a truce to allow unhindered humanitarian access.

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry stated that it is working to ensure that foreign nationals have everything they need before they go back to their home countries.

Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Waleed Al-Khuraiji welcomed the first set of citizens and foreign nationals who arrived in the country. The group included the crew of a Saudi passenger plane that was hit by gunfire during the fighting in Khartoum on April 15. Evacuees were transported by a convoy of vehicles to Port Sudan, where they embarked on ships headed to Jeddah.

The Kingdom’s Foreign Ministry earlier on Saturday declared that Saudi Arabia would begin organizing the evacuation of its citizens as well as some individuals from other “brotherly and friendly” nations from Sudan as fighting worsens despite an Eid truce. The decision was made to carry out the instructions given by King Salman of Saudi Arabia and the Crown Prince on the protection and welfare of Saudi nationals living in the Republic of Sudan, according to the foreign ministry.

The evacuations on Saturday are the first such civilian rescue since April 15, when fighting first broke out in Sudan.


The Kingdom has played a critical role in facilitating the evacuation, with the Royal Saudi Navy leading the operation with support from various branches of the armed forces. International aid and support are crucial as the situation in Sudan remains unstable. The conflict has left many people in need, and it is important for the global community to continue providing assistance.

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