May 20, 2024

Saudi Arabia to Donate a Significant Amount of Humanitarian Aid in Earthquake Relief to Turkey

The Saudi Arabian government has set up an initiative called the Sahem Program to collect monetary donations to aid the rescue and recovery of earthquake victims in Turkey. This amount has coalesced to USD71 million in addition to the kingdom’s pledge of USD 100 million in relief efforts for the Earthquake.

What are the Specifics of the Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

 On the 6th day of February 2023, an earthquake of 7.8 magnitudes hit the town of Gaziantep in Turkey. It occurred along 62 miles of the fault line, resulting in considerable damage to buildings and properties, including the loss of several lives. It has been described by Prof Joanna Walker, the head of the Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction at University College London, as the deadliest of earthquakes, with only two equivalents in the last decade.

Of course, the number of causalities is insurmountable, further worsened by the fact that the Earthquake took in the early hours of the morning while most persons were in their houses asleep and resting. The Earthquake in Turkey met residents severely unprepared as there had not been a significant earthquake in the region for more than 200 years, and there were no warning signs or tremors beforehand. The Earthquake was also severe in Syria; it involved the Arabian plate in Syria moving against the Anatolian plate in Turkey. The Earthquake in Turkey and Syria has been fabled to have caused the death of at least 25,000 people.

How has Saudi Arabia Provided Humanitarian Aid

Immediately after news of the Earthquake in Turkey and Syria got around, Saudi Arabia jumped on the train of proffering much-needed humanitarian aid to the victims of the Earthquake. The country has also undertaken relief efforts for the Earthquake by establishing donations through the Sahem Program. It has had more than 700 thousand donors within a few days after its launch. So far, the country has received more than $70 million, with the Saudi Arabian government further pledging $100 million in relief efforts.

The country announced intentions to operate an air bridge for crisis support and a campaign for victims of the Earthquake. The Sahem Program has been regularly updating its website and all social media platforms to show the number of participants and the donations received. The website also contains requisite details easily navigable to encourage donations.


Like several other countries in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia has pledged its staunch support in relief and aid for the victims of the Earthquake in Turkey and Syria. The government of Turkey and Syria, and other nations have lauded the kingdom’s efforts. It shows Saudi Arabia’s commitment to the well-being of its fellow countries, and this concern should be readily applauded.

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