TASC Is Proud To Support Emiratisation Drive
July 18, 2024
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Shahdadpuri: TASC Is Proud To Support UAE’s Emiratisation Drive

Firm Is Investing In AI Tech

TASC Outsourcing is a leading firm providing comprehensive HR solutions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Dubai, the company specialises in recruitment, staffing, and outsourcing services, catering to various industries, including IT, healthcare, finance, and more.

With a focus on client satisfaction and talent management, TASC is reputed for its reliability and efficiency in workforce solutions.

TASC played a pivotal role in the launch event for the ‘Making Emiratisation A Success 2024 Guidebook’, which took place on May 13, 2024, at the Museum of the Future in Dubai.

The event, organised in collaboration with the UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE), underscored the private company’s active participation in the Emiratisation initiative.

Watch the video here:

Aimed primarily at the UAE private sector’s hiring community, Making Emiratisation A Success 2024 Guidebook, a TASC-MoHRE collaboration, provides comprehensive insights into UAE labour laws and regulations, UAE government initiatives, and job market opportunities for UAE nationals.

Ahmad Yousuf Al Nasser, Assistant Undersecretary of National Human Resources Development and Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Policy and Strategy at the MoHRE and Mahesh Shahdadpuri, Founder and CEO of TASC Outsourcing formally released the guidebook.

Emiratisation Driv
(L-R) Obaid Al Zaabi, Group VP of Talent Attraction/Internal Mobility at e& and Mahesh Shahdadpuri, Founder and CEO of TASC Outsourcing, engage in a fireside chat entitled ‘Uncover the success of e&’s Emiratisation programme’ at the Museum of the Future on May 13, 2024. Credit: Arnold Pinto

In this interview, Mahesh Shahdadpuri, Founder and CEO of TASC Outsourcing, reiterated his company’s steadfast commitment to the Emiratisation initiative and its significance in its plans.

Emiratisation Drive
TASC hosted the ‘Making Emiratisation A Success 2024 Guidebook’ launch event in partnership with the UAE’s MoHRE at the Museum of the Future in Dubai on May 13, 2024. Credit: Arnold Pinto

Excerpts from the interview:

What did the ‘Making Emiratisation A Success’ event entail, and why is it so significant regarding private-public sector collaboration in the UAE?

As a family that has been part of this country [UAE] for 37 years, we do not just see ourselves as business owners but as contributors to a happy, integrated society. The success of the country and the business community is deeply intertwined.

The effort to organise this event was significant, but as one of the largest human capital outsourcing companies in the Middle East, we consider it our duty.

Our company, TASC Outsourcing, has been actively and proudly involved in the Emiratisation initiative. This achievement is a testament to our unwavering commitment to the UAE. We have worked closely with the private sector to employ UAE nationals and address their challenges, a task we undertake with immense pride.

Emiratisation Drive
Digital reveal of the ‘Making Emiratisation A Success 2024 Guidebook’ on May 13, 2024. Credit: Arnold Pinto

Emiratisation is an ongoing process, but at what stage can it be said that 100% Emiratisation has been achieved?

The numbers speak for themselves. For the last two or three years, there has been an impressive 70% increase in Emirati employment year-on-year.

The [UAE] government’s push, supported by initiatives like Nafis*, is helping many companies meet their Emiratisation targets. The private sector is now recognising the value of this initiative and actively participating.

Many companies, including ours, are pleasantly surprised by the quality of Emirati talent. This increase in Emirati employees, especially in leadership roles, has directly contributed to our overall growth and success, painting a bright picture of the future and the positive impact of Emiratisation.

Emiratisation Drive
The ‘Making Emiratisation A Success 2024 Guidebook’ is free downloadable. Credit: Arnold Pinto

Why are you pushing the Emiratisation agenda so intensively?

What is good for the country is good for the private companies, and vice versa. It is a shared responsibility and a shared value.

We are committed to supporting the vision of this country [UAE], which has provided opportunities for so many entrepreneurs and employees. It is one of the best places in the world to live and work, and we are dedicated to working together for the greater good.

Emiratisation Drive
TASC has launched ‘Falek Tayyeb’, an app for Emiratis seeking employment in the UAE. Credit: Arnold Pinto

Where do you want to take TASC Outsourcing in the next five years?

We are already a significant staffing and HR solution player in the Middle East and are not stopping there. We boldly plan to expand globally, with operations in 25-30 countries.

We are not just looking forward to the future; we are excited about the opportunities for us to give back to this country [UAE] and its neighbouring regions. We aim to provide a platform for our employees, stakeholders, society, and shareholders to thrive and succeed, fuelled by our unwavering enthusiasm and dedication.

Emiratisation Drive
TASC’s timeline (2007-2024). Credit: Arnold Pinto

Disruptive technologies, such as AI, rapidly change all aspects of life and business. How do you see this scenario evolving?

That is a great question. No one knows how it will pan out as we evolve into the AI landscape.

However, we see a shift from mundane jobs to roles that require human creativity, problem-solving, and emotional intelligence. At TASC Outsourcing, we are working hard to pivot from being a human capital company that uses technology to a technology company that provides human capital solutions.

We invest in AI technologies and train our employees to adapt to this shift. With AI, we anticipate a more diverse and dynamic workforce with new career growth and development opportunities.

End of interview.

Emiratisation Drive
TASC hosted the ‘Making Emiratisation A Success 2024 Guidebook’ launch event in partnership with the UAE’s MoHRE at the Museum of the Future in Dubai on May 13, 2024. Credit: Arnold Pinto

*Nafis is an expansive UAE federal initiative that encompasses reforms and financial stimuli to foster employment prospects for young and seasoned Emiratis in the private sector.

Through Nafis, the UAE has committed to investing up to AED24 billion ($6.52 billion) to facilitate the employment of 75,000 Emiratis in the private sector between 2021 and 2025. The initiative’s overarching objective is to ensure Emiratis account for 10% of the UAE’s private sector workforce by 2025.

Featured image: Mahesh Shahdadpuri founded TASC Outsourcing in 2007. Credit: Arnold Pinto

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