February 23, 2024

The Middle East is Set to Receive More Centers from Google in the Latter’s Journey to Expansion

Alphabet, Google’s mother company, is profoundly considering establishing more cloud innovation centres in the Middle East to spur growth in its cloud services. This move is seen as a strategic one by the company to put it on par with its competitors, namely Amazon and Microsoft.

What are the Details of the Expansion?

Alphabet is currently working to establish more data centres in the Middle East. The country considers the region one of the fastest-growing markets in the cloud space, and it deems the area essential to project its goal of becoming a global cloud organization.

While addressing the media, Thomas Kurian, the CEO of Google Cloud, stated that the company had initiated several discussions with different countries. The company has begun to take steps by constructing data centres in Saudi Arabia and Qatar. It has also established a novel cloud region in Israel. He also remarked that Google Cloud is looking into Kuwait and the UAE as potential areas for new centres.

The company’s construction model is to build three data centres for every country, which is part of its expansion cause. Google Cloud is looking to create these centres within eight to ten years. Although it has refused to disclose investment figures publicly, Mr Kurian has stated that each cloud region’s investment range is up to a million dollars. 

Currently, the company has 35 cloud regions with 106 data centres. It plans to develop 14 more cloud regions around the world. It is worthwhile to state that the company has made a name for itself, given that it had no market share in the Middle East three years ago. Now, in addition to the five countries it is fully settled in, the country aims to establish its presence in Saudi Arabia, play a significant role in its economic development and continue its growth process.

As one of the fastest-growing regions of the company’s services, Google anticipates that its presence in the Middle East will have doubled in the next five years. Its services permeate areas such as ministries, banks, and other financial institutions, the telecommunications sector, travel and tourism, e-commerce, and retail, to name a few. The CEO of Google Cloud has reiterated that the company plans to keep investing in the areas above for the long term, and they remain confident that the investment will bring in good returns soon.


Alphabet is searching for a place to thrive and increase market share, and what better business to do than the Middle East? The region is one of the fastest growing in cloud services and other related technology. Suppose the company successfully gets as many centers as it has projected for the area. In that case, it is sure to set itself apart as a forerunner in the provision of cloud services. Regardless, the Middle East is in for a long ride to global technological efficiency and recognition in cloud services, and the region is more than ready for this recognition. 

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