February 25, 2024

Turkish Airlines, in an Unparalleled Move, Are to Include Far East Flights

Turkish Airlines, in an Unparalleled Move, Are to Include Far East Flights:

Despite the calibre and quality of services provided, the Turkey government is steadily directing its airlines to add more routes to the far East of its territory. This move by the government was strategic to attend to the increasing travel demands and to increase its global connection.

Why has the country Decided to Include Flights to the Far East?

The Turkish government has rightly announced that it will be directly a new freight of flights to Far East countries from its Istanbul airport come 2023. It had previously kickstarted flights to countries such as Japan, China, The United States, and Canada. The government decided to consider its need to deepen its existing market share and optimize its network. All the while aiming to increase flights to destinations like Singapore and Los Angeles.

Most Turkish flights that leave the country to Far East destinations do so within the early afternoon hours. They proceed to destinations like Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and other European countries. However, by summer next year, the government intends to include mid-afternoon flights to far East destinations. Due to the flight schedules, flights often arrive at their destination too tired to make essential connections and return to Turkey too late for effective maintenance and rejuvenation.

As a result of flight schedule arrangements, flights are set to return to Turkey by midnight and land in the wee hours of the morning. These reasons have influenced the country’s decision to reschedule all flights destined for the far East.

Turkey is looking to establish an overnight aircraft system that will allow flights that travel very Far East to recuperate at their destination before returning home. The country hopes to tweak airlines schedules for flights far East by fixing departures in the early evenings to prioritize flights and encourage healthy development.

Effects of Turkey’s Extended Flight Range

Turkey recognizing the potential inherent in the extension and scheduling of its flight is an initiative that must be applauded. The Turkish government wants to increase its flight capacity while meeting customers’ demands. The government initially concentrated on extending its routes and increasing flight options. However, in recent times, its efforts have been mainly channelled to expanding current markets and existing shares. Above all, the country is particularly keen on extending its networks and connection. This endeavour is wise as flights traditionally leave immediately after landing without a chance to optimize the network at the destination due to schedules. With the change, there is a chance to make a great connection, encourage competitiveness, and spur aviation development.


Every country aiming for significant economic growth knows to prioritize its aviation activities well. One can only hope that the government is consistent with the new arrangements and the provision of its resources to ensure its goals are achieved. Fortunately, Turkey wants to cover important milestones by giving special attention to the logistics of its airlines.

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