February 25, 2024
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Uae is on a New Path to Environmental Modeling as It Establishes the Paperless Tax System

The UAE has initiated a paperless tax refund scheme for tourists. This move is strategically implemented to eliminate the need to retain receipts. It also contributes its own quota to reducing environmental degradation brought on by the manufacturing and disposal of paper.

Specifics of the Paperless Tax System

The UAE paperless tax system is a project solely for tourists. UAE has begun integrating the tax system across various hotels, shopping centers, and other retail spots. With the new system, registered retail merchant tills in the country would begin generating electronic invoices that will enable tourists to receive VAT refunds. In other words, tourists and visitors merely have to use the electronic version of paper invoices for cash or credit card tax refunds upon their departure from the country. The country has indeed made history by being the first ever to implement a paperless tax refund scheme for tourists and visitors within the country

The Federal Tax Authority’s Director General, Khalid Al Bustani, remarked that the new solution is integrated electronically between retail outlets and the tax refund scheme. He further stated that the project is to ensure a seamless digital process of “issuing, sending, modifying, and saving invoices for tourists.” As tax refunds have doubled by 2.31 million in the last six months of this year, the system promises increased user satisfaction. In addition, it helps mitigate the stress of tax-refund processes for eligible tourists.

The tax refund project began in 2018 when the UAE initiated a five percent VAT on all tourist purchases in the course of leaving the country, starting from $68 and above.

Plans for the project started on November 14, 2021. It has been successfully implemented so shoppers can complete a transaction, receive a digital invoice, and share it directly with Planet Tax-Free. The country estimates the project will save more than 35 million traditional papers. It will not only have environmental compensation but will save up to five minutes on printing receipts from customer to customer.

The paperless tax system is self-service and allows tourists who have spent Dh250 ($68) and above to receive task refunds at any validation points or self-service kiosks. The refund can be collected in cash at any of these points. However, if the refund amount is more than Dh35,000 ($9,548), it must be paid into a credit or debit card. The scheme is set to cover about 95 percent of retail merchants in 2022.


One cannot help but commend the UAE’s tenacity and consistency in implementing modern solutions to problems and setting itself as a beacon of light to other countries worldwide. Experts believe that the paperless tax scheme will make tourist tax refund easier and boost the tourism sector as visitors would find the ease of entry and departure from the country appealing.

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