April 15, 2024

Uae Scales Up Support for Underprivileged Citizens by Introducing the Bread-for-all Scheme

In an intentional move, Dubai has scaled up its support for the underprivileged in the country through the Bread-for-All scheme. The government hopes that the project will aid the livelihood of low-income families and workers.

What Led to the Bread-for-All Scheme?

In response to the Prime Minister’s vision to see that no one sleeps hungry or in need, the Mohammed bin Rashid Global Centre for Endowment Consultancy Initiative (MBRGCEC) has launched the Bread-for-All program to distribute bread to low-income families and workers. This launch was part of the initiative’s remarkable charity work and was done in conjunction with the Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation (AMAF). This project had roots in Covid-19, when the authorities attempted the necessary steps to ensure food was provided to those in need. While the UAE’s efforts were largely successful in that period, it was targeted at non-residents, unlike this time, where the target audience is local families and residents.

The program consists of providing bread for the disadvantaged at different times daily. Dubai has installed intelligent machines at seven other locations to distribute bread to interested persons without charges. Persons can get their portion by using the order button on the device. The order button initiates a baking process, after which the bread is dispensed to the person. The scheme is primarily hinged on donations from well-meaning citizens. As such, donations can be made via SMS or the donation app. Donations can also be made by directly setting up intelligent machines at the various designated centers.

Remarking on the project, Ali Al Mutawa, the Secretary-General of the AMAF, emphasized that the initiative is undoubtedly an excellent sample of the process that breeds an innovative community with active participation and solidarity by its citizens. He further stated that AMAF is much more interested in cooperating with the local communities to extend its reach to other scheme beneficiaries.

The organizations involved in the project also hope that the system will be implemented in various supermarkets across Dubai. The Secretary-General’s opinion has been given oral agreement and backing by Zainab Juma Al Tamimi, the Director of MBRGCEC.

Foreseeable Benefits of the Bread-for-All Scheme

On all grounds, the benefits of the Bread-for-All Scheme seem numerous and tangible. For one, it curbs the existing hunger problem among residents and families. The project also concentrates on workers and laborers. It gives them ample time to refuel while going about their daily duties. Moreover, the Bread-for-All scheme stands out significantly as there is no restricted number of orders daily. The distribution of the bread is also independent of the recipient without recourse to discrimination based on any grounds. Indeed, one cannot help but concede that this project is a national step in the right direction.


The Bread-for-All is an excellent project; unfortunately, its effectiveness will remain unfelt unless stakeholders and other related persons make intentional donations. Dubai has set up different donation portals and avenues. All that is needed is to make a donation at convenience and take a tangible step to save others from hunger.

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